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MED610 3D Printing Material

Rigid medical rapid prototyping

Bio-compatible PolyJet photopolymer MED610 is a rigid medical rapid prototyping material. It features high dimensional stability and colorless transparency. The material is ideal for applications requiring...

Dental 3D Printing Materials

3D print dental and orthodontic models

Dental 3D printing uses polyjet materials designed especially for digital dentistry and orthodontic applications, including stone models and aligners. These rigid, opaque materials have a natural-looking...

Digital ABS 3D Printing Materials

3D Printing With Digital ABS PolyJet Photopolymer

Digital ABS (fabricated inside the 3D printer from RGD515 and RGD535) is designed to simulate standard ABS plastics by combining high-temperature resistance with toughness.

Digital Materials in 3D Printing

Polyjet 3D printers can fabricate Digital Materials

Polyjet 3D printers provide the unique ability to fabricate Digital Materials — composite materials with predetermined mechanical properties. Digital Materials are made right in the 3D...

High Temperature 3D Printing

3D Printing With High Temperature Material

High Temperature material (RGD525, white) combines heat resistance with exceptional dimensional stability. The material can simulate the thermal performance of engineering plastics and is ideal for...

Rigid Opaque 3D Printing Material

Create beautiful, colourful, robust 3D printed items

Rigid opaque 3D printing materials provide excellent detail visualisation in grey, black, white and blue. You can 3D print accurate, attractive prototypes that test fit, form and function, even...

Rubber-like 3D Printing Material

3D Printing with soft-touch material

Rubber-like 3D printing materials add a new dimension to 3D printing, allowing designers to accurately simulate the pliability, flexibility and feel of a finished product without investing in a rubber...

Simulated polypropylene 3D printing materials

Create Prototypes for Polypropylene Products

Stratasys offers two PolyJet photopolymers that simulate the appearance and functionality of polypropylene.

Rigur (RGD450) is an advanced Simulated Polypropylene material that offers...

3D Printing With Transparent Material

If you want to 3D print with transparent material, you first need to decide precisely which material is the best option for your project.

RGD720 is a multipurpose transparent PolyJet photopolymer for standard clear plastics simulation. It...

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