Print-to-product workflow for 3D printed parts

Lower your costs and shorten lead times with the DyeMansion post-processing system, offering unmatched quality, uniformity and efficiency.

Vaporfuse & Deepdye
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DyeMansion machines make it easier and cheaper to clean, smooth, polish and add colour to your 3D printed parts. Compatible with a wide range of 3D printing technologies, DyeMansion solutions help you to create reproducible, high-value products.


DyeMansion Powershot C

The DyeMansion Powershot C cleaning system is powerful enough to depowder your newly printed part in just ten minutes, and its PolyShot Cleaning technology is so efficient that one DyeMansion machine can replace up to four traditional manual blasting systems.

Cleaning is achieved gently without damaging the part, making it perfect for powder-bed fusion machines, such as the Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF) parts produced by the Stratasys H350. A touchscreen interface and a set of pre-installed programs let you set and forget, or give you the ability to tweak the parameters to suit your requirements.

Dyemansion Powershot C


DyeMansion Powershot S

For those that need parts with a superior finish, the Powershot S is ideal. Using PolyShot Surfacing technology, a proprietary, non-abrasive element is blasted at the part using compressed air in a controlled process, resulting in a greatly improved look, feel and colour quality.

You can use the Powershot S to produce semi-glossy parts produced with machines such as the Stratasys H350, with a degree of control that ensures the parts will be the same, time after time. Each cycle takes around ten minutes to complete, while touchscreen controls allow you to pick from pre-determined programs, or to adapt them to meet your needs.

Dyemansion Powershot S


DyeMansion DM60

Adding colour to your part is easy with the DyeMansion DM60. With 170 RAL colours available, alongside specific automotive variants, and the ability to match Stratasys SAF technology with 17 dedicated colours, the system offers you the freedom to achieve your designs. The DM60 uses a combination of pressure and high temperatures during the dyeing process to add the colour to the part.

To get started, simply scan the RFID chip contained in the colour cartridge. This transfers all the necessary parameters to the machine and automates the entire process. With a low cost per part, more control and less colour fade compared to using pot dying, the DM60 provides a traceable, repeatable colouring process for 3D printed parts.

Dyemansion Dm60


DyeMansion Powerfuse S

Anyone that is looking to make production parts with sealed surfaces in volume will benefit from the Powerfuse S polishing system. The level of smoothing can be adjusted depending on the balance you need to strike between the type of surface finish you want and the fine detail you need to remain.

Parts are loaded automatically on a rack that can be adjusted according to their size and shape. To help create repeatable components, the Powerfuse S’ chamber is flooded with a non-carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic (CMR) solvent during the process, all of which is recovered by the machine during the cycle.

Dyemansion Powerfuse S

SAF workflow demo


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