Polyjet 3D Printers: Stratasys J850 Pro
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Stratasys J850 Pro

Engineering product development demands speed of design verification, functionality and tight project cost control, this is where the multi material J850 Pro will deliver. With 7- material capability giving unmatched versatility the J850 Pro will give you the capability to print fit, form and functional models to cover a whole range of applications all on one printer platform. The trusted and proven Polyjet Technology ™ from Stratasys will give you the speed, accuracy, repeatability and feature detail you demand.

Key Features

  • Print seven resins simultaneously for multi-material parts
  • Large build envelope 490mm x 390mm x 200mm
  • Wide range of printing modes for maximum flexibility
  • Low cost, rapid concept verification with DraftGray and Super High Speed draft mode
  • 7 material bays minimise downtime caused by material changeovers and increase productivity
  • 5X increase in productivity over comparable systems
  • Upgrade at any time to a J850 Prime Pantone validated full-colour whenever you wish

Increased productivity

Load your most-used materials into the seven material bays, avoiding downtime caused by material changeovers and increasing productivity. Polyjet TechnologyTM allows the creation of hundreds of digital mixes with just a few base materials. This range of material combinations, alongside a high print resolution and impressive accuracy, ensures that parts with complex geometries and high functional needs are within easy reach of J850 Pro users.

GrabCAD Print

Using Stratasys’ GrabCAD Print software, you can design your model in 3D CAD software and print directly to the J850 Prime without having to spend time converting the data  into a STL format file. This ability to use native CAD data makes for and easy and efficient workflow.




    490 x 390 x 200mm


    1400 x 1260 x 1100mm; 430kg



Unlimited number of composite materials

Over 500,000 colours

Digital ABS Plus and ABS2 Plus in ivory

Rubberlike materials in a variety of Shore A values

Translucent colour tints

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