About leasing

Stratasys F900 windowA Lease agreement is a contract between you ‘the customer’ and a leasing company for the use of equipment that you have chosen from a supplier. The leasing company pays the suppliers invoice and you pay the leasing company regular monthly rentals. The impact on your cash flow is minimised and you immediately enjoy the benefits of new equipment.

Leasing is considered to be one of today’s most popular methods of financing business equipment. Almost any item can be leased allowing our customers to equip their business today for an affordable monthly cost whilst preserving working capital.

With a low initial payment and various terms available, leasing can help you acquire the best equipment for your business rather than what your cash resources dictate. The difference between the best solution and the cheapest solution may actually only be a small increase in your monthly payment.

A Finance Lease is 100% allowable against taxable profits. This means that you enjoy tax relief on all leasing payments throughout the term. For exact benefits relevant to your business it is recommended that you talk to your accountant for further clarification.

Leasing FAQs

What finance options are available?

We typically offer finance lease, hire purchase and commercial loan agreements. We also have a range of specialist schemes that cater for phased installation projects.

J750 Vivid ColoursMy business is new, can I lease?

Yes! We are very active in supporting the growth of new businesses. Personal guarantees will be required and 3 years may be the maximum term.

What equipment can be leased?

In short, almost anything! We also finance the total solution which includes the equipment and all delivered services such as installation and training.

Should I talk to my bank?

Your bank will most likely assist but it could impact your current arrangements and may require you to offer additional security. Using your bank for all finance needs isn’t generally considered the best practice.

Making changes to your agreement

We pride ourselves on being able to offer you flexible finance solutions. You are free to upgrade, make additions or settle the agreement at any point.

What terms are available to me?

Two day Polyjet courseDepending on the asset type we typically finance equipment over 2-5 years. The leasing period should be no longer than the expected useful life of the equipment.

How do I make payments?

Monthly or quarterly via Direct Debit is the assumed payment method. It may be possible to pay by invoice but there is likely to be a surcharge of 2%.

Do I have to insure the equipment?

Yes, you are obliged under the terms of the agreement to insure it against loss or damage. The finance company may ask you for proof of insurance and if you do not have any, they will charge their own premium.

This information has been provided by our finance partner Bluestar Leasing who is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. For further details or to learn more about the range of finance products and services available please contact Bluestar Leasing directly.