The range of training courses offered by our certified engineers are designed to offer users maximum benefit, increase efficiency and competence levels when using their Stratasys 3D Printer on a daily basis. Whether new to 3D printing or an experienced user you will be able to find an appropriate course to both match and enhance your skill set.

One day Polyjet training course

Although users are able to learn about our intuitive 3D printing hardware and software on their own, we recommend taking a class in order to pick up...

Two day Polyjet training course

This two day course is more in-depth than the one-day version, with the aim to cover advanced aspects of using Polyjet machines and materials. Whilst...

Advanced Polyjet Training: Colour for J-series machines

This two day course is targeted specifically for customers of Polyjet J-series, full colour, high-end 3D printing systems. The course is designed to...

Advanced Polyjet training: colour texturing expert

This three-day course is designed to give the participants the understanding of the workflow from solid single-colour design to full-colour 3D prints...

One Day FDM Training Course

Our Stratasys approved FDM training courses are suited to each level of operator. They include tips and tricks on how to maintain your

Two Day FDM Training Course

Our Stratasys approved FDM 3D printing courses are suited to any level of operator, from novice to those looking to deepen their understanding of

Custom Laser Lines academy training

Custom courses can include FDM or Polyjet systems or bespoke training for both technologies. Training courses can be tailored to your individual...