DLP 3D printers: Genera G2, F2 and A2
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Genera G2, F2 and A2

Factories and service bureaus that are looking to create parts with an excellent, smooth finish on a regular basis will find everything they need with this setup. The Genera G2 3D printer works together with the F2 post-processing unit to provide a high-volume, fast, end-to-end additive manufacturing workflow. There is no need to wear gloves and you get none of the drips and other mess generated by rival systems. The G2 printer is capable of printing two individual builds without supervision, and when the parts are ready, you either transfer them inside a sealed shuttle box to the F2 post-processing unit by hand, or invest in an A2 automation unit to do it for you. With the A2 option, you get true lights-out manufacturing.

Key features

  • Uses 4k Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology to print at three different pixel sizes (100 μm, 70 μm and 40 μm).
  • Maximum build volume of 384 x 216 x 320 mm at 100 μm.
  • Glove-free process keeps your work area clean and tidy.
  • 3D printer and post-processing machines work in symphony to create smooth, accurate, repeatable parts.
  • F2 post-processing unit uses Genera’s own non-flammable Clear3D cleaning fluid and advanced curing process to ensure the very best visual and mechanical properties.
  • Optional A2 automation unit unlocks 24/ 7 manufacturing.
  • RFID chips enable printing and processing to be fully traceable.
  • Uses materials produced by third parties such as BASF, Covestro and Loctite that have been validated by Genera.

A2 automation unit

Parts printed in the G2 are easy to transfer by hand to the F2 post-processing machine as they are contained inside a ‘shuttle’ box that helps protect the part and removes the need for ambient light filtering or gloves. But to maximise the time the machines are in production, you can add an A2 automation unit to make the transfer for you.

The A2 can also add up to three new build platforms back into the G2, ready for it to start printing again, enabling continuous operation. The completed parts are stored inside the A2 unit until you are ready to retrieve them.

The A2 has a modular design, enabling it to be customised to suit your needs. These additional modules improve functionality further, with extra cleaning, a scanner inspection and robotic part separation all possibilities.




    384 × 216 × 320mm @100 μm


    G2: 1420 x 970 x 1960mm, 700kg


    4K DLP (3840 × 2160)


    385 nm


    Max. 25 mW / cm2 (@40 μm)


Validated with materials from the Genera open material library.

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