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Genera G3
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Genera G3

Genera has taken the functionality offered by its separate G2 3D printer and F2 post-processing units and combined them into one machine called the G3. This all-in-one solution is a simple way to experience the excellent surface finish and part repeatability enabled by Genera’s approach to additive manufacturing – one that looks beyond the printer towards the entire end to end print and post-processing workflow. Print, wash and cure your parts with one box that has an automated process, with no mess and without the need to move the part from the printer to a post-processing machine.

Key features

  • Featuring the same 4K Digital Light Processing (DLP) found on the industry-leading G2, the G3 is available in either 40, 70, or 100 µm pixel size resolutions.
  • Maximum print volume at 100 µm: 384 x 216 x 320mm.
  • Access the full range of Genera’s verified materials made by third parties such as BASF and Loctite. These have been tested to ensure the quality and repeatability of parts.
  • Printed parts are automatically cleaned with Genera’s non-flammable Clear3D solution using the integrated wash station.
  • A built-in, uniform LED curing chamber helps keeps parts consistent. Optionally, the curing chamber can even provide an inert Nitrogen atmosphere when required.
  • Active carbon filter works to reduce any strong odours.

Genera Cam software

The G3 is easy to use, from its large touchscreen which shows the progress of both prints and post-processing, to the straightforward and helpful Genera Cam software. From this you name your project and select the material you are going to use. After importing your CAD file, the software places your parts on the build plate and sends the information to the machine to begin the process of taking the digital file and turning it into a printed, washed and cured part.

High quality convenience

The G3 includes many features designed to improve and maintain the quality of the finished parts, such as a heated platform and multiple sensors. Resin levels, separation forces, oxygen pressure, build plate position and temperatures are all monitored and recorded by the system.



    384 × 216 × 320 mm @100 μm


    1420 × 970 × 1960mm; 700kg


    4K DLP (3840 × 2160)


    385 nm


    Max. 25 mW/cm2 (@40 μm)


    up to 3 mm / min


    Genera Clear3d (non-flammable)


    Up to 80 °C


    45 minutes


Validated with materials from the Genera open material library.

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