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Carbon Fibre filled ABS

ABS-CF10 is an ABS based material with 10% chopped carbon fiber specifically formulated for use on the F123 series to produce jigs, fixtures, manufacturing aids, and more. The result is a low moisture-sensitive FDM®...

ABS Plus P430 3D Printing Material

Building durable, accurate and tough parts

ABSplus P430 is a production grade material, perfect for creating tough and durable parts, as one of the most stable materials in the Stratasys uPrint and Dimension 3D printer range. ABSplus is a true...

ABS ESD7 3D Printing Material

Prevents build-up of static electricity

An ABS thermoplastic with static dissipative properties. Perfect for products in which a static charge can cause damage, impair performance, or increase the risk of explosion. ABS-ESD7 prevents a buildup of...

ABS M30 3D Printing Material

Environmentally stable thermoplastic

ABS-M30 is a stable thermoplastic with a high tensile strength, impact and flexural strength, making it ideal for conceptual modeling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools, and end-use-parts. ABS-M30...

ABSi 3D Printing Material

Translucent FDM thermoplastic

Stratasys ABSi (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a translucent thermoplastic, ideal for conceptual modeling, functional prototyping and direct digital manufacturing due to its superior strength. Its strength is...

ABS M30i 3D Printing Material

Biocompatible FDM Thermoplastic

A high strength material ideally suited for use in the medical, pharmaceutical and food packaging industries, due to the ability to sterilise the material via gamma or EtO sterilisation techniques. When combined...

Antero 800NA PEKK 3D Printing Material

Design freedom of FDM and the superior mechanical properties of PEKK material

A PEKK based, high performance thermoplastic, with exceptional strength, wear and high chemical and temperature resistance. Perfect for use in aerospace, oil and gas,...

Antero 840CN03

Electrostatic dissipative PEKK-based thermoplastic

Antero 840CN03 is a high-performance PEKK-based FDM thermoplastic with strong mechanical properties along with exceptional material properties, such as electro-static dissipation, temperature...

ASA 3D Printing Material

UV stable, aesthetically excellent FDM thermoplastic

UV resistant with the best aesthetics of any FDM thermoplastic. Set to become one of the most popular all-purpose prototyping materials after matching or exceeding many of the properties of...

Diran 410MF07

Perfect for manufacturing tooling applications

Stratasys Diran 410MF07 is a nylon-based engineering thermoplastic with 7% mineral fill by weight. It demonstrates exceptional toughness and impact strength, and has a smooth lubricious surface that...

Nylon 6 3D Printing Material

3D printing for durable parts that last

Nylon 6 is a production-grade material designed for use in Fortus 3D printers. Outperforming comparable FDM Thermoplastics in both strength and toughness, making it perfectly suited to the creation of high...

Nylon 12 3D Printing Material

Fatigue resistant, impact resistant 3D printing

With high fatigue, impact and chemical resistance, Nylon 12 is perfect for use in the aerospace, automotive and consumer goods industries, for the creation of tools, jigs, fixtures and more. Nylon...

Nylon 12CF 3D Printing Material

Print 3D parts lighter than metal but just as strong

Nylon 12CF extends the properties of Nylon 12 through the addition of chopped carbon fibre. Comprising 35% of the material weight, carbon fibre gives Nylon 12CF the highest stiffness to weight...

PC 3D Printing Material

Strong, accurate, versatile 3D printing

Widely used in automotive, aerospace and medical applications, PC offers accuracy, durability and stability. Create strong models, prototypes and end-use parts that withstand functional testing. A PC part...

PC-ABS 3D Printing Material

Polycarbonate ABS for strength and heat resistance

One of the most widely used industrial thermoplastics. PC-ABS offers the most desirable properties of both materials - superior strength, heat resistance and flexibility. PC-ABS blends are...

PC-ISO 3D Printing Material

Combining strength with bio-compatible 3D printing

Commonly used in food and drug packaging and medical applications, PC-ISO (polycarbonate-ISO) is an industrial thermoplastic, biocompatible in its raw state with the ability to be gamma or EtO...

PPSF 3D Printing Material

Use polyphenylsulfone for heat resistant 3D printing

With the greatest heat and chemical resistance of all Fortus materials and the ability to be sterilized, PPSF is ideal for aerospace, automotive and medical applications. Mechanically superior and...

Stratasys PLA

Economical, environmentally-friendly material

Available in a choice of 11 colours, including five transparent variations, PLA is both affordable and cheap to work with. Lower temperatures required to melt and fuse with a high tensile strength and...

ST-130 3D Printing Material

Support complex hollow builds with ST-130

Ideal for producing hollow composite parts with complex designs. Accompanied by a dedicated support material, with high heat and pressure resistance, to withstand the curing process. After 3D printing the...

Stratasys FDM TPU 92A

Flexible, pliable elastomer material

Stratasys’ new thermoplastic polyurethane-based material is its most flexible printing medium to date. With a Shore A value of 92, it is perfect for use in projects where durability, resilience and abrasion...

Ultem 1010 3D Printing Material

A 3D printing material that allows steam autoclaving

The newest high-performance FDM thermoplastic, offering excellent strength, thermal stability and the ability to withstand steam autoclaving. Suited to applications within the food and medical...

Ultem 9085 3D Printing Material

3D Print Fire, Smoke and Toxicity rated parts

ULTEM 9085 is a flame retardant high performance thermoplastic for direct digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Its high strength-to-weight ratio and FST rating makes it perfect for applications...

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