PC 3D Printing Material

Strong, accurate, versatile 3D printing

Widely used in automotive, aerospace and medical applications, PC offers accuracy, durability and stability. Create strong models, prototypes and end-use parts that withstand functional testing.

A PC part manufactured on a Fortus 3D Production System is 5-60 % stronger than a part made on previous FDM systems. It also has superior mechanical properties to ABS and a number of other thermoplastics. When combined with a Fortus system, PC gives you parts for conceptual modeling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools, and end-use-parts.

  • Most widely used industrial thermoplastic
  • Superior mechanical properties and heat resistant
  • High tensile strength and can handle high temperatures

Find out more about Polycarbonate in other colours on our Stratasys validated materials page.

Compatible printers

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  • Fortus 450mc
  • Stratasys F900
  • Stratasys F3300

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