FDM 3D Printers: Stratasys F770
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Stratasys F770

Stratasys has responded to the need for a fast, affordable large format FDM 3D printer by adding the F770 to their range. The F770 provides consistent, accurate and reliable printing of large parts with a build envelope of 1000 x 610 x 610mm – proven industrial scale 3D printing that simply works

This system is ready for the manufacturing floor with all the attributes you would expect, offering lower cost large parts, Jigs & Fixtures with professional functionality and connectivity.  The F770 enables you to choose the density of your printed part – full density provides maximum strength whilst a lighter sparse fill will save print time and material costs.  Key considerations in this demanding time for cost-effective productivity.


  • Increases operational productivity on the manufacturing floor, MTConnect enabled
  • Precise thermal management across the build platen, providing consistent results regardless of the size of the printed part
  • Very large format FDM system – the longest fully heated chamber available for the best possible print quality and control over curl and warp
  • Variable build layer capability allows you to optimise the detail and appearance of your part as well as the time taken for it to print.
  • Build large prototypes or jigs where previously these needed to be printed in multiple pieces on smaller printers then assembled.
  • Large panels and skins for prototyping when accuracy and reliability is needed
  • Uses industry standard ASA and ABS-M30TM model material with SR-30 soluble support
  • Hands-free support removal process minimizes post-processing and increases productivity
  • Design functional geometries without constraints of other technologies

Hands-off Operation

The F770 will print full-time – all day, every day – without the need for continual monitoring while it’s operating. Quick-change material canisters are equipped with 3200 cm³ of filament, allowing up to 140 hours of unattended printing. A built-in camera enables progress to be checked via continually updated static images of the print status, and an added plus is that GrabCAD Print’s monitoring feature lets you check this status remotely from your mobile device.

So Easy with Bundled Software

The user-friendly GrabCAD Print™ software makes the CAD-to-print workflow simple, all you have to do is import your CAD model and press the print button. GrabCAD Print also features advanced capabilities and build options that help ensure successful results when printing large parts and tools. For those who want more in-depth parameter adjustment capability, Insight™ software is also included, to provide the greatest control over print results.




    1000 x 610 x 610mm


    1750 x 1240 x 1960mm; 658kg





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