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GrabCAD Print

GrabCAD Print simplifies 3D printing by making it easy to print directly from a CAD file, improve part performance, reduce job time, organise print jobs and monitor them from anywhere in the world, at any time. GrabCAD Print helps Stratasys machines integrate with an industry 4.0 smart factory, supporting the MTConnect protocol that lets you share data between your 3D printers and other manufacturing equipment. The software comes with an API and SDK that enables you to create integrations with your existing automated systems. Alternatively, you can use an integration developed by one of Stratasys’ software partners for an end-to-end solution.

Key features

  • Detailed views of the model tray let you preview your part slice by slice, arrange print trays and accurately schedule your builds. In addition, the user can edit supports and material toolpaths before committing to a job cutting down on build time and material usage, saving both time and money.
  • Print straight from your CAD files. Where other printer software can only handle STL files, GrabCAD Print can import native CAD data. With no translation to perform, the ability to import in a range of file formats means you will be printing quickly.
  • GrabCAD Print supports a wide range of Stratasys printers, so you don’t need multiple software to run different systems. You will be up and running in less time, with minimal training, able to control your devices from any platform, including your mobile.

Business-grade workflow

GrabCAD Print has all the tools a busy, professional needs, maintaining a full history of materials used, print times and activity across all machines. For use in shared or bureau environments, these essential analytics allow for accurate billing, while in-house print labs can use their results to accurately schedule incoming jobs.

Complete flexibility

Shortening the cycle from design to production, GrabCAD Print helps you save time, optimise part production and track material use. It is cloud-enabled, and accessible through any device with a web browser, including tablets and smartphones. Staff can execute, schedule and monitor jobs remotely, check material levels and receive notifications when a job completes, or an error occurs. By enabling lights-out operation, GrabCAD Print lets your staff focus on other tasks, or make use of excess printer capacity outside of working hours.

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