Advanced Polyjet training: colour texturing expert

This three-day course is designed to give the participants the understanding of the workflow from solid single-colour design to full-colour 3D prints using Stratasys J-series 3D printers. It is a prerequisite that attendees have a J-series machine on site, have approximately three months of experience working with a Stratasys Polyjet J-series system, have completed our two-day Advanced Polyjet training course and have a good working knowledge of CAD.

The course is designed for engineers, designers and operators of J-series full-colour 3D printers. Currently this course is only available at Stratasys’ facility in Germany, alternatively a visit from their trainer could be arranged, but would be dependent on numbers. Also see our one-day Polyjet, two-day Polyjet, Colour for J-series machines and custom courses.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Get an understanding of the design guidelines and best practices for colour 3D printing on Stratasys J-series 3D printers.
  • Have an understanding of the entire workflow from solid geometric design to complete, colourful and vibrant results, depending on the design requirements of the job.
  • Understand how 2D image textures are wrapped on top of 3D model surfaces, how to generate UV maps with simple and more advanced methods when dealing with custom triangular geometries.
  • Have learned and practiced how to use different software to accomplish different tasks in the process specifically for colour 3D printing: Blender, Photoshop and GrabCAD Print.
  • Have acquired knowledge about colour management.

In general, a key objective of this course is to give participants full understanding and experience of the process of colour 3D printing using Stratasys J-series 3D printers.

Talk to our Stratasys academy certified trainers on 01295 672599 or [email protected] to find out how we can help you get more from your equipment.


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