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Stratasys Polyjet Research Package

Researchers and innovators that need a greater level of control from their Stratasys J7 and J8 series 3D printers for a specialist task can do so with the Polyjet research package. The tools in the package unlock unprecedented flexibility from your Stratasys machine, letting you achieve unparalleled results, with exceptional colour management and realism. Produce multi-material prototypes that let you explore liquids and embedded parts in a single print. Create functional, hermetically sealed prototypes that enable you to explore geometries for liquid flow or protect the model itself. Save time by visualising your groundbreaking work at every stage of the design process and help your ideas stand out with detailed, realistic prototypes.

Key features

  • Pause print: when the print reaches a specific slice or height, pause the job and insert a mechanical part or piece of electronics in the model before continuing.
  • Air print: Treat air as a print material to create voids in your part that you can use to create textures, alter the weight of the model, customise finished surfaces and create voids into which you can insert electronics.
  • Liquid print: When creating hydraulics, fluid models or soft parts, use the liquid print feature.
  • Z start: Choose to start printing from a different height.
  • Parameter editor: Unlock the ability to control print parameters, such as pedestal height, scale and offset carpet height from within GrabCAD software.
  • GrabCAD Voxel Print: Achieve precise control when printing each voxel

GrabCAD Voxel Print

The research package includes GrabCAD Voxel Print, which gives you precise control over a part’s internal structure, mixing clear and colour materials to control how light interacts with the finished object. With access to individual voxels, GrabCAD Voxel Print opens a world of 3D printed effects never previously available.

The software enables you to control the production process, one resin droplet at a time, without extending the development process. You can now determine precisely which material is used on each layer of the part. Create your own material compositions with unique engineering properties and appearance and free yourself from compromises and restrictions.

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