Two day Polyjet training course

This two day course is more in-depth than the one-day version, with the aim to cover advanced aspects of using Polyjet machines and materials. Whilst the 3D printing hardware and software are generally intuitive, we recommend taking a class in order to pick up the “tips and tricks” that our certified instructors have developed throughout the years.

Standard maintenance will be covered to ensure the machine is calibrated correctly and that the machine is distributing the correct amount of material. We look into the advanced elements of changing material to maximise the saving of changing the material within the machine itself. J-series users can look more into colour and the different file formats available to get the most out of their investment. The location can be either on the customer’s site or at Laser Lines’ facility in Banbury. Also see our one-day polyjet, colour for the J-series, colour texturing expert and custom courses.

Introduction to Polyjet technology

  • Learning about different types of machine.

Advanced materials overview

  • A better look into materials and their strengths.

Polyjet applications

  • Using GrabCAD Print and maximising support and material usage.

Printing considerations pre-print

  • Designing for Polyjet printing.

Post-print cleaning and finishing applications

Safety considerations when working with the machine & advanced maintenance tasks

  • Head flushing.
  • Head optimisation.
  • Weight testing.

Introduction to colour and relevant file types for J-series users

Troubleshooting quality issues

  • Rough print quality.

By the end of this course participants will be able to

  • Save money by changing over material of similar material type/ colour.
  • Remove heads, flushing heads, head calibrations and head optimisations.
  • Designing for Polyjet printing.
  • For J-series users: an introduction to colour and relevant file types.

Talk to our Stratasys academy certified trainers on 01295 672599 or [email protected] to find out how we can help you get more from your equipment.


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