DLP 3D printers: Genera G1 and F1
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Genera G1 and F1

Genera 3D printing systems consist of a 3D printer and post-processing unit that have been designed to work together. Genera thinks about the entire additive manufacturing process, with printing and post-production optimised to increase repeatability, without creating unwanted mess. G1 and F1 machines are made for the desktop and use resins contained in a cartridge. The part is 3D printed in the G1 machine and kept contained in a bespoke box called a shuttle. This allows you to transfer the part to the F1 machine to be cleaned and cured without wearing gloves, safe in the knowledge that it is protected inside the box during the transfer. There are no drips of resin to worry about, and no risk of light interfering with the part before it has been cured.

Key features

  • A mess-free system with printer and post-processing units working in perfect harmony for excellent part repeatability.
  • A desktop setup with a build volume of 134 x 76 x 150mm
  • Uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology for parts with a smooth finish and strong engineering properties.
  • Cartridge-based resin system ensures that the DLP resin is stored safety and automatically dispensed when needed.
  • Ability to use materials made by third parties that have been validated by Genera.
  • Full traceability achieved through RFID tags.
  • Active carbon filter reduces strong odours.

How it works

When the build starts, the correct amount of resin is automatically dispensed from the material cartridge. Each build layer is created by projecting an image on to the resin surface to cure it. An integrated re-coater arm helps to mix the resin over the build area to ensure consistent print results. Once the part has been printed, it is held inside the shuttle box until an operator removes it and places it inside the F1 post-processing machine. Here, two tanks clean the part with IPA before it is cured with a mercury flash bulb.

Materials for the Genera system are produced by world-leading companies such as Loctite, BASF, Covestro and Cubic Ink, so there is no lock into proprietary materials. Each material has been thoroughly validated by Genera before it has been approved, with the machine parameters carefully tuned for each material to ensure that repeatability is second to none.




    134 x 75 x 140mm


    G1: 530 x 515 x 670mm, 41kg; F1: 730 x 515 x 670mm, 50kg


    2K DLP (1920× 1080)


    385 nm


    Magnetic stirrer




    Mercury flash bulb


Validated with all materials from the Genera open material library.

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