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MakerBot Print

MakerBot Print is a semi-professional processing and management suite for MakerBot’s complete range of 3D printers. New features speed up the printing process and reduce your ongoing costs by minimising the amount of filament you use in unseen areas – without compromising part strength.

MakerBot Print gives you complete control of your workflow, from end to end. Import design files or download them from Thingiverse, MakerBot’s repository of Creative Commons-licensed part digital files, then assign them to one or more MakerBot machines on your network, or remotely across the Internet.

Benefits of MakerBot Print

  • Save up to 10 hours on a 10-inch part by reducing the amount of infill used, with MakerBot Print’s Minfill feature.
  • Work with native CAD files, without conversion on a computer. MakerBot Print for Windows supports STL, VRML, SolidWorks, InventorOBJ and more. MakerBot Print for Mac supports the industry standard STL format.
  • Print with greater intelligence through automatic arrangement. Let MakerBot Print optimise the position of multiple objects on a single print bed.
  • Manage multiple MakerBot printers locally and across the Internet. Monitor each one using its integrated camera.

Save time and money with MinFill

MakerBot Print reduces the amount of time taken to print each part by reducing the amount of infill your printer uses. Print up to 80% faster while using 30% less filament thanks to its intelligent algorithm, which achieves the rigidity you expect without resorting to a dense internal support structure. You’ll be iterating your designs in less time to reduce the development cycle and maximise the value of your MakerBot machine.

Intuitive printing

Refine your parts prior to printing, with full control over your machine’s settings. When you are ready to commit, you can avoid costly, time-consuming errors with MakerBot Print’s new print preview tool. By animating the path that the extruder will follow, it will give you confidence that the finished product will exactly replicate what you see on screen.

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