Polyjet 3D Printers: Stratasys J35 Pro
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Stratasys J35 Pro

The Stratasys J35TM Pro offers the best quality for capital expenditure of all the Polyjet multi-material 3D printers.  For models requiring characteristics including rubber-like, high impact, rigid, translucent and contact biocompatibility, the materials Elastico, Digital-ABS, Vero and UltraClearS are available.  Up to three of these materials can be used at any one time to achieve digital compound models – all on the same print tray.  In addition, the high-speed concept modelling material, DraftGrey, is also available for fast iterations. The J35 Pro is right at home in the office environment, matching the expectations of engineers and designers wanting to produce models intended as either concept or functional designs. With layer thicknesses down to 18 µm, the J35 Pro prints quality models, including complex geometries and fine features, without compromising accuracy or detail.


  • Excellent for concept, visual and functional modelling
  • Quiet operation and small footprint
  • Print with rubber-like, high impact, rigid, translucent and biocompatible materials
  • Up to three materials can be used to print simultaneously
  • Touch-screen operation
  • Low maintenance, high reliability
  • Verify designs more easily, resulting in quicker design decisions
  • Get the product to market faster
  • Multi-material greyscale printer
  • Complex geometries and fine details

One printer, many solutions

Designers can now have a printer which cost-effectively meets their verification and validation needs. The J35 Pro prints fully functional, flexible, full-texture parts, removing the need to outsource and the inherent risk of compromising confidentiality and intellectual property rights. Ideal for use in industries ranging from consumer electronics, automotive and aerospace to medical devices and education, this printer with its small footprint offers unbeatable efficiency.  No wonder it is being called the all-in-one solution.

So Easy with Bundled Software

Designers can achieve excellent results by combining greyscale colour, transparency and texture through their choice of materials.  In addition the J35 Pro provides access to the GrabCAD suite of tools which is invaluable for streamlining the process.  This Stratasys-dedicated software makes the workflow even easier, enabling you to make more accurate design decisions, increase design quality, and shorten time to market.




    1174cm2; 158mm


    651 x 661 x 774mm; 98kg




    LAN - TCP/IP

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