Stratasys Water Soluble Support Pebble

Polyjet support materials

Supporting accurate modelling

  • Gel-like support materials for 3D printers.
  • Can be washed away or removed by hand after use.
  • Allow complex printing without damage to central model.
  • Available across a wide range of printers.

Find the right support for you

The PolyJet support materials are designed to work with specific printers. They help to support overhangs and undercuts during printing, and to manage complex, geometric models. Once you have finished printing, the support materials are easily removed – either by washing, by hand, by brushing or by mechanical means. The full list of support materials is below:

  • SUP705 and SUP705B are used with Objet24/30 V2, Objet24/30 V3, Eden260VS, Objet 260/350/500 Connex 3, Stratasys J735/750, Objet1000 Plus and J4100.
  • SUP706B is used with Objet24/30 V3, Objet 260/350/500 Connex 3, Stratasys J735/750, and Stratasys J700.
  • SUP707 is used only with Eden260VS.
  • SUP710 is a gel-like photopolymer support material specially designed for the J35 Pro and J55 Prime 3D printer LED curing process.
  • WSS150 is a water-soluble support material for use with the Stratasys J35 and J55 platforms. The hands-free process enabled by using WSS150 helps preserve the features of delicate parts, allows for more intricate designs, and makes volume production more cost-effective by removing much of the manual work.
  • GelMatrix A gel-like support material for medical applications use. Easy removal from blood vessels with inner diameters as small as 1mm, and wall thickness as low as 1mm. This support material is designed to be used with the J750 Digital Anatomy Printer

Support materials usage

We can provide you with guidance on the best way to use support materials, including how to change your design to decrease build time and making sure you only use the amount of support material you need. Depending on the printer and the material, there are specific settings you can use to make the best use of your support material to help reduce the time taken to print, making the process more cost effective.

Choosing PolyJet advanced materials

The PolyJet range of materials, by Stratasys, is a collection of advanced 3D printing materials that help product designers, engineers, innovators, project managers and researchers across all sectors to rapidly and accurately prototype models for proof of concept, development and test.

The range is being continually developed and added to, giving customers a complete range of colours, textures and material qualities – such as rigidity, rubber, texture and biocompatibility. The range of support materials allows for successful printing without compromising the model.

Compatible printers

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  • Objet30 Prime
  • Objet30 Pro
  • Stratasys J4100
  • Stratasys J35 Pro
  • Stratasys J55 Prime
  • Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy
  • Stratasys J826 Prime
  • Stratasys J850 Prime
  • Stratasys J850 Pro

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