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UltiMaker Method X

The UltiMaker Method X is perfect for engineers making end-use parts, manufacturing tools or functional prototypes. Able to print real, production-grade ABS-R with a 100°C temperature-controlled build chamber, the quality of the parts you get from this machine outstrip those from competitors that use modified ABS material. Parts from the UltiMaker Method X are the best you can get at this price point, and they are produced in a fraction of time it takes with traditional techniques. The machine utilises either RapidRinse or SR-30 soluble support material for greater geometry and design freedom. The Method X takes all the best elements of its predecessor and further improves on them, offering engineers best in class accuracy and durability.

Key features

  • Prints using true, engineering-grade ABS-R, producing tools that will last, prototypes that are dimensionally accurate and end-use parts
  • Finished parts have a dimensional accuracy of ± 0.2mm
  • Twice as fast at printing than its leading competitors
  • A 100-degree Celsius heated build chamber for exceptional results
  • Utilise RapidRinse, SR-30 soluble support or PVA support materials
  • 21 onboard sensors, Wi-Fi and a 5-inch colour touchscreen make this an easy machine to operate and maintain
  • Compatible with 25 CAD file types
  • Over 300,000 hours of reliability testing have been undertaken

True ABS printing

The MakerBot ABS-R material used on the UltiMaker X can withstand 15°C higher temperatures than modified ABS materials that other desktop 3D printers use. It is also 26% more rigid and up to 12% stronger than those materials. The RapidRinse or SR-30 soluble support material, combined with ABS-R and the 100°C chamber results in strong, complex parts with a superior surface finish.

Strong foundations

The improved Method X has many of the same benefits as the original Method, such as an ultra-rigid metal frame, dual extruders and dry-sealed material bays. It is compatible with Solidworks, Autodesk Fusion 360 and Inventor.




    Single Extrusion: 190 x 190 x 196 mm; Dual Extrusion: 152 x 190 x 196 mm


    437 x 413 x 649 mm, 29.5 kg


    ± 0.2mm


    Maximum Capability: 20 - 400 micron


    MakerBot CloudPrint™



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RapidRinse Soluble Support Material

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