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Fortus 450mc

Switch to an industrial level, additive manufacturing machine in the Stratasys Fortus 450mc. Whether you are prototyping, creating jigs and fixtures or manufacturing end-user parts, the high quality of the builds will take your production to the next level. With a large, flexible build envelope of 406 x 355 x 406mm, parts produced by the Fortus 450mc have been proven to be highly accurate and repeatable, meaning you can rely on this machine to be part of your additive manufacturing workflow for many years to come. With a huge number of materials at your disposal, including the option to use third party materials, this is a flexible solution that will streamline your manufacturing.

Key Features

  • Reduce build and design time with an accurate, repeatable additive manufacturing workhorse.
  • Support for 14 materials, such as ASA and ABS-M30, alongside advanced options such as carbon fibre and PEKK-based materials.
  • Use any FDM material when you upgrade to Stratasys’ open materials ecosystem.
  • Use the build envelope of 406 x 355 x 406mm to produce predictable parts at high speed.
  • Get high yields with impressive levels of dimensional accuracy suitable for manufacturing.
  • Use GrabCAD Print software to manage your jobs and build parameters, with GrabCAD Shop software integrating with other software partners to manage the full 3D printing workflow.
  • High-capacity material options allow for 14 days of unattended build time.

Stratasys materials

Choose from 14 materials that have been designed, approved and tested by Stratasys to provide the very best in performance and reliability. Whether your application requires standard thermoplastics, a biocompatible option, carbon fibre, PEKK-based materials or fire-resistant substances, there is a Stratasys preferred material that will fit.

Open materials

If you have specialist material requirements, you can choose to upgrade the machine to support any FDM material, including those manufactured by third parties. Some of those will even have been through basic reliability testing by Stratasys. Whichever material you choose, the system is yours to experiment with and unlock the potential of additive manufacturing.




    406 x 355 x 406 mm


    129.5 cm x 90.2 cm x 198.4 cm; 601 kg


    0.330 mm


    230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase, 16A/phase


    10/100 base T connection


    Windows 10 and newer, Windows Server 2016 and newer



FDM prototypes succeeded for RedDOT where SLA and SLS parts had previously failed for physical testing and on evaluation units.


Choose from this wide range of materials that have been designed by Stratasys, or upgrade your machine to support any FDM material if you have specialist requirements.

More on Stratasys’ open material ecosystem

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