FDM prototypes succeeded for RedDOT where SLA and SLS parts had previously failed for physical testing and on evaluation units.

1212 Studio

Proof of Concept was needed for both an innovative illumination feature and a swinging microphone within 4 weeks for a U2 tour. Stratasys' Dimension system provided exactly the right results - on time.


Bassler's client was so impressed with the FDM model of his product produced on a Dimension system, it was used for advertising photography instead of the real thing.

BlueSky Designs

An R&D company specializing in creating products for people with disabilities, saved more than £10,000 and 3 weeks in delivery time after installing a Stratasys Dimension 3D Printer.

Baldor Electric Company

Designer of electric motors and transmission products bought a Dimension 3D Printer can now have an ABS part ready for testing in hours, not weeks.


After installing a Dimension 3D Printer, creating an animation film became infinitely easier due to the repeatability of the core design of the models.