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GrabCAD Print Pro

If you want to improve part accuracy, increase throughput and process parts faster, GrabCAD Print Pro is here to help. While the standard version of GrabCAD Print remains free to use for owners of Stratasys machines, this upgraded version unlocks a number of extra features to help you get even more from your machines. Available initially for FDM and SAF machines, with support for the other Stratasys Additive Manufacturing technologies coming soon, it helps you reduce time spent estimating and preparing for prints, while improving a part’s mechanical properties and helping you to produce complex prints correctly with fewer iterations.

Main features

  • Accuracy centre: Checks a scan of your printed part against your design model, creating a Warp-Adjusted Model (WAM) to improve part accuracy by ten times.
  • Per-part material estimation: Reduce time taken to respond to quotes by getting an estimate of material usage for every part in the tray in a single operation.
  • Manufacturing templates: Decrease preparation time, human errors and material wastage with templates that can be shared across your team.
  • Labels: Improve traceability and minimise post-processing time by embedding part and serial numbers using automated template labels.
  • 3D array: Increase the efficiency of your machine and speed up build times by creating a grid of duplicate parts on the tray and for suitable geometry stack vertically.
  • Assemble models: Turn multiple models into an assembly, allowing you to achieve a tighter arrangement for denser packing, higher throughput and shorter preparation times.
  • Position: Gain precise control of single or multiple models for denser packing and higher throughput.
  • Third-party plugins: Integrate with AlphaStar Toolpath Simulator for more precise builds with fewer iterations, Castor for recommendations on the best materials and part redesign options and Cognitive Additive for part feasibility and costs analysis.

Accurate parts in less time

Those who are already advanced users of GrabCAD Print will find the Pro version particularly useful, along with anyone that wants to simplify their workflow by removing another vendor’s software.

The improved part accuracy and build speed that is part of the Stratasys DNA means the software could end up paying for itself through the time and material saving it provides.

Free trial

GrabCAD Print Pro is a subscription product, with the license renewing annually. To see if it is right for you, register for a free sixty-day trial with us.

Regular updates

Stratasys will update GrabCAD Print Pro regularly to add new features as well as adding support for Polyjet, Origin and SLA machines in the future.

The software can be used offline, providing you go online at least once a year to pick up the rolling license.

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