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Aluminium for 3D Printing

A ductile, conductive 3D printing material

Aluminium (Al, ordinal number 13 in the periodic system of elements) belongs to the light metals group and cannot be found naturally in solid form. Aluminium is obtained from bauxite and is the third most...

Cobalt-Chrome 3D Printing Material

Durable medical and dental prosthetics

Cobalt-Chrome alloys are standard alloys in the medical and dental fields. Due to the high hardness, Cobalt-Chrome alloys are used to produce dental prostheses. This is also influenced by the biocompatibility...

Inconel 3D Printing Material

3D print aircraft parts with aerospace-grade alloy

3D printing with Inconel is a modern way of using a well established material. Developed in the early 1960‘s, IN718 is still considered the material of choice for the majority of aircraft engine...

Titanium for 3D Printing

A strong but light 3D printing material

Titanium was first discovered in England in 1791. Approximately 150 years later and through the introduction of the Kroll-Process, titanium became a commercial product. Titanium (Ti) with the ordinal number 22...

Tool Steel and Stainless Steel for 3D Printing

Materials with flexible 3D printing applications

Going back two thousand years people were searching for cutting materials which were not only hard but also tough. Along with mass industrialisation at the beginning of the nineteenth century the...





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