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UltiMaker materials

UltiMaker machines have a huge number of materials to choose from, with different models supporting a variety of materials.

All UltiMaker machines support materials made by UltiMaker itself, in addition third-party materials from over 60 big name brands such as Covestro, BASF and DuPont have been tested and validated by their respective manufacturers to work with certain models. Top-of the range desktop printers have over 280 of these materials available to them.

Materials made by UltiMaker have been tested for thousands of hours and have a built-in NFC chip to communicate wirelessly with compatible printers. Both breakaway and soluble support materials are available to facilitate the perfect build.

Materials made by UltiMaker include:

UltiMaker PLA

S Series PlaWith 11 different colours to choose from, including blue, red, white, yellow and black, polylactic acid (PLA) is reliable and easy to work with. UltiMaker PLA is a workhorse material that is ideal for prototyping and producing concept models, and its low melting point makes it useful for investment casting and mould insets.

Material properties: Hardness: 84 Shore D | Impact strength: 4 kJ/m² | Thermal resistance: 59 °C

UltiMaker Tough PLA

S Series Tough PlaAvailable in seven different colours, UltiMaker Tough PLA has a similar toughness to ABS, but it is as safe and easy to work with as ordinary PLA. Useful for larger tooling projects and functional prototypes, it has been engineered to produce excellent results without warping.

Material properties: Hardness: 80 Shore D | Impact strength: 9 kJ/m² | Thermal resistance: 58 °C

UltiMaker PETG

S Series PetgUse PETG for manufacturing aids and other parts intended for industrial use. Its temperature- and chemical-resistant properties, together with its toughness and wear resistance, make it a versatile choice for a wide variety of applications. UltiMaker PETG is available in fourteen colours.

Material properties: Hardness: 76 Shore D | Impact strength: 8 kJ/m² | Thermal resistance: 76 °C

UltiMaker ABS

S Series AbsAcrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) has been designed to minimise warping and offers a low-cost way for engineers to quickly test prototypes before starting production. Its accuracy means you can have confidence that the part you print will match the final product, and it is particularly helpful when designing complex parts. UltiMaker ABS is available in ten colours.

Material properties: Hardness: 76 Shore D | Impact strength: 14 kJ/m² | Thermal resistance: 87 °C

UltiMaker PET CF

S Series Petg Cf 3 2Unlock the strength, stiffness and temperature resistance that carbon fibre brings. A blend of PET and carbon fibre, this is excellent for engineering protypes, along with jigs and fixtures. It can even be used for end-use parts and is especially useful for replacing original, one-off parts that have malfunctioned and are hard to source. You can even anneal (heat-treat) the part to increase its strength, stiffness and heat-resistance. UltiMaker PET CF is available in black, grey or blue colours.

Material properties: Hardness: 76 Shore D (annealed 81 Shore D) | Impact strength: 8.6 kJ/m² (annealed 5.3 kJ/m²) | Thermal resistance: 76 °C (annealed 181°C)

UltiMaker Nylon

S Series NylonBased on PA6/66, this Nylon material is exceptionally strong and durable, and has been optimised to resist humidity. It solves many engineering problems, especially when designing parts that need to be durable, withstanding heavy use. UltiMaker Nylon can be purchased in either white or black.

Material properties: Hardness: 81 Shore D | Impact strength: 14 kJ/m² | Thermal resistance: 89 °C

UltiMaker CPE

S Series CpeFor custom parts that require chemical resistance, turn to co-polyester (CPE). Available in nine different colours, UltiMaker CPE is a dimensionally stable material is also tough enough to be used in more complex parts that require rigorous testing before they enter production.

Material properties: Hardness: 76 Shore D | Impact strength: 6 kJ/m² | Thermal resistance: 77 °C

UltiMaker PC

S Series PcMake strong parts that retain dimensional stability, even when heated up to 110 degrees Celsius, with polycarbonate (PC). Not only can UltiMaker PC be used for prototypes, and even some short-run end use parts, it can provide optical translucency for the times you need light to travel through the plastic.

Material properties: Hardness: 81 Shore D | Impact strength: 12 kJ/m² | Thermal resistance: 111 °C

UltiMaker PP

S Series PpPolypropylene (PP) does not break easily when it is bent, making it highly useful for living hinges and clamps. UltiMaker PP is durable, lightweight and translucent, so it is perfect for product prototypes such as water bottles or electrical components.

Material properties: Hardness: 42 Shore D | Impact strength: 49 kJ/m² | Thermal resistance: 99 °C

UltiMaker TPU 95A

S Series Tpu 95aThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU 95A) is available in black, white, red and blue. It is a flexible material, giving it some of the qualities of rubber, along with chemical resistance.

Material properties: Hardness: 48 Shore D | Impact strength: 24 kJ/m²| Thermal resistance: 116 °C


To find out more about these materials, please get in touch with us by calling 01295 672599, or emailing [email protected]

Compatible printers

  • UltiMaker 2+ Connect
  • UltiMaker S3
  • UltiMaker S5
  • UltiMaker S7

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