DLP 3D printers: Stratasys Origin One Dental
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Stratasys Origin One Dental

When you need to get serious about dental production, turn to the Stratasys Origin One Dental. Offering high levels of accuracy, consistency and detail, it enables dental models, soft splints and surgical guides to be produced at scale. Engineered to provide 99% uptime, the Origin One Dental offers a lower cost per part than its rivals, along with fast print cycles. Its secret is its Programmable PhotoPolymerisation (P3) technology, which provides exceptional surface quality without sacrificing speed or uniformity. An open materials approach means you can use certified materials from industry giants such as BASF, Dreve and Keystone Industries with ease.

Key features

  • Open materials: Invest in the Origin One confident that its open material platform will mitigate any potential future supply chain issues. Plus, the machine will be able to support new material options over time.
  • High throughput: Manufacturing-grade parts are produced very quickly with the Origin One Dental. Simple post-processing and a straightforward workflow contribute to a low cost per part.
  • Engineer-focussed software: Use GrabCAD Print to streamline the management of your jobs. In addition, a cloud-based remote service allows for new materials and optimised workflows to be unlocked via updates.

Multiple dental applications

Depend on the Origin One Dental to streamline and grow your dental business by producing all kinds of parts. Restorative and orthodontic models have never been so accurately produced, so quickly, at such a low cost. Flexible splints, night guards and bleaching trays can all be made, along with surgical guides, indirect bonding trays, gingiva masks, denture bases, denture try ins and more. No matter what your dental need is, this machine delivers.

P3 technology

The P3 technology inside the machine features pneumatic controls to reduce the pull forces during each build, with 25 sensors working constantly to monitor and resolve any issues. These also help provide incredibly precise control over the machine’s movements. The result is excellent part surface quality, speed and strength.



    192 x 108 x 370 mm


    49.6 x 60.1 x 119.1 cm; 84 kg


    4K light engine


    Energy UV (385nm) and thermal


    GrabCAD Print



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