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Grabcad Voxel Print
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GrabCAD Voxel Print

GrabCAD Voxel Print gives designers an unprecedented level of control over the smallest building blocks of the additive printing process. With access to individual voxels themselves – the DNA of the printing process – GrabCAD Voxel Print opens up a world of 3D printed effects never previously available.

Compatible with the Stratasys J55, J735, J750, J835, J826 and J850 multi-material Polyjet printers, Voxel Print delivers precise control over a part’s internal structure, mixing clear and colour materials to control how light interacts with the finished object. There’s no longer any need to compromise, whether you’re working on iterative prototypes or producing end-use parts. Now part of the Stratasys Polyjet Research Package.

Key features

  • GrabCAD Voxel Print realises the full potential of Stratasys’ market-leading printers. Combining up to six materials in a single part, it allows developers to precisely simulate finished products and produce complex end-use parts on site. Opening up a world of new possibilities, it maximises the potential – and the return – of your investment.
  • Enables you to control the production process, one resin droplet at a time, without extending the development process. By combining multiple materials in unique combinations, GrabCAD Voxel Print lets you create your own material compositions with unique engineering properties and appearance.
  • Helps you exceed previous limits. Now you can define your own model layer slicer tool and apply the principles of volumetric modelling to your production process. GrabCAD Voxel Print delivers unprecedented control over the internal structure of any part to balance durability, weight, material use and appearance.

A workflow you already know

GrabCAD Voxel Print is a supplementary utility that gives prototype developers access to an unprecedented level of detail, taking the information generated by your slicer, provided as a stack of 2D images, and packing that into a GCVF (GrabCAD Voxel File).  This is sent to GrabCAD Print for transmission to supported machines.

Your design, to the core

GrabCAD Voxel Print is the first utility to give designers direct control over the internal structure of their model. You can now determine precisely which material is used on each layer of the part, giving you the ability to enjoy a new set of capabilities from your Stratasys machine.

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