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Stratasys OpenAM

If you have a specialist production challenge and need to use a third-party material to solve it, then you need Stratasys’ OpenAM software. This software tool lets you use any FDM material on the market with specific Stratasys FDM machines. You can use the tool to change printer parameters to tune the results of your prints, including when using materials from Stratasys’ validated materials programme. It can even be used to help you develop your own materials in-house. If you are working in a research field, are an OEM manufacturer, in aerospace or a service bureau, OpenAM combines the best of both worlds – the reliability and repeatability of Stratasys’ integrated hardware, software and in-house materials, with the flexibility of open market materials.

Key features

  • Use any FDM material on the market for complete flexibility
  • Full control over printer parameters for maximum control over third party, or your own materials
  • Modify build parameters for Stratasys validated materials, enhancing the performance when specific geometries or specialist applications are necessary
  • Widen your supply base so you are not locked into a single source of supply
  • Access the widest number of materials available as quickly as possible
  • The tool works inside of GrabCAD Print to provide the necessary settings to your Stratasys FDM machine
  • Take advantage of untested, unvalidated third-party materials to solve cutting-edge engineering challenges
  • Includes guidance on getting the most out of the tool and different methods of tuning the machine to tweak printing results

What is included

Each OpenAM license applies to a specific machine and comes with the software tool that lets you develop parameters and create upgraded files, along with a user guide with plenty of help and methodologies to use the tool. You also get a consumable starter kit, containing a bundle of canisters, spools, e-prom chips and a tip that you will need to load the material into the machine.

What you need

Currently, Stratasys OpenAM works with Stratasys Fortus 450mc machines that have been fully hardened. Other FDM machines will follow in the future. You will also need an OpenAM print head and the OpenAM software, which requires an annual subscription.

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