FDM 3D Printers: Stratasys F170
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Stratasys F170

The Stratasys F170 is a milestone in the world of 3D printing. A natural upgrade for Dimension Elite and Dimension 1200es users, it’s built on an entirely new platform to be faster and more affordable than its predecessors.

As a multi-material printer, the F170 is a fully-featured prototyping tool, with the capacity to load two material reels simultaneously. Cost-conscious users can produce test prints using PLA, which to date has been synonymous with lower-end, hobbyist use, but when used in a printer like this helps reduce the cost of iterative development. That’s particularly true when paired with the F170’s faster, material-saving draft mode.

Key features

  • Almost silent in standby, and still exceptionally quiet when in use, the F170 is discreet enough to use in a busy classroom or office
  • Designed to offer maximum ease-of-use and offering touch-screen display, there is no need to be a 3D printing expert to operate this system.
  • Keenly priced and economical to run, the F170 lets you use consumer-grade materials for non-production prints
  • With wired and wireless connectivity, it’s easy to find the perfect position for your new printer, whatever your work environment
  • Laser Lines’ trade-in deals cut the cost of upgrading from any existing Dimension printer, or any other make of 3D printer

GrabCAD Print

Every 3D printer in the Stratasys F123 range is bundled with GrabCAD Print, Stratasys’ dedicated tool for managing your printer, monitoring its material supply and sharing its resources across your network. Designed to simplify and speed up the printing operation, it cuts out several steps of what once was a time-consuming process. GrabCAD offers remote print monitoring through its mobile app, and for direct, on-device control, every printer in the range features a touch-screen display.

A clear upgrade path

Two years of research and development went into designing the F170. The result is a machine that’s crafted to the specific requirements of the modern workplace. Take advantage of Laser Lines’ generous trade-in deals to upgrade to one of the most advanced, yet affordable, printers in its class.




    254 x 254 x 254mm


    1626 x 864 x 711mm; 227kg


    46 dB maximum during build, 35 dB when idle


    2 material spool bays (1 for model, 1 for support)


    GrabCAD Print (download)


    +/- .200 mm


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