Stratasys PLA rocket

Stratasys PLA

Economical, environmentally-friendly material

Available in a choice of 11 colours, including five transparent variations, PLA is both affordable and cheap to work with. Lower temperatures required to melt and fuse with a high tensile strength and stiffness ratio.

It is perfect for parts that don’t require a live joint or durable flexibility.

PLA is an environmentally-responsible choice, being fully biodegradable when processed at specialised recycling centres. Now you can print with confidence – and without a conscience.

Ideal for early concept modelling and rapid prototyping of development parts, PLA allows you to produce accurate prints at high speed. It’s the ideal choice of material to take advantage of the Stratasys F123 Series printers’ fast-draft mode, allowing you to iterate your development models more quickly, while remaining within your budget.

The results are robust enough to be used as functional prototypes or, for more advanced parts, as manufacturing tools.

Key benefits include

  • PLA helps reduce the cost of each part without compromising strength, accuracy or durability
  • This material has been tailored for use with Stratasys F123 Series printers, where the fast draft mode allows you to produce more iterations in less time for accelerated development
  • PLA is an environmentally-responsible product that biodegrades over time and can be recycled at dedicated facilities
  • Available in a wide range of colours for use in multi-material parts, including transparent colours
  • With a low melting point and HDT, PLA requires lower temperatures to form, which further reduces overall production costs

Use case scenarios

  • Rapid, on-site replication of manufacturing tools and production parts
  • Production of test prints as part of an ongoing development process
  • Early concept modelling, allowing creators to see how screen-based designs look and feel in three dimensions
  • Refining cases and housings to fit specific areas, and for pre-production testing in a wide range of industries

Compatible printers

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  • Stratasys F170
  • Stratasys F270
  • Stratasys F370

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