Antero 840cn03 Part

Antero 840CN03

Electrostatic dissipative PEKK-based thermoplastic

Antero 840CN03 is a high-performance PEKK-based FDM thermoplastic with strong mechanical properties along with exceptional material properties, such as electro-static dissipation, temperature resistance, chemical resistance, exceptional wear properties, and ultra-low outgassing.

This makes it ideal for low-volume, highly-customized production parts and functional prototypes that need to withstand more intemperate conditions.

Antero 840CN03’s primary advantages over other Stratasys high-performance materials – such as

ULTEM™ 9085 resin, ULTEM™ 1010 resin and PPSF – are its ESD, high chemical resistance, and low outgassing properties.

  • Antero 840CN03 is currently available on the Stratasys F900 with a 0.254 mm slice height.
  • It uses SUP8000B as a breakaway support system, similar to other Stratasys high- temperature material offerings. This support material is easier to remove than the other break away support systems.
  • Antero 840CN03 requires the hardened head upgrade and utilizes a custom T20D tip for the model material, and the standard T16 tip for the support material.

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Compatible printers

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  • Fortus 450mc
  • Stratasys F900

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