Elastico Part Hand


Elastico: Stretch your capabilities

  • Superior, rubber-like photopolymer
  • Perfect for design verification and rapid prototyping
  • Withstands repeated bending and flexing
  • Highly tear resistant
  • Can be combined with rigid materials for a range of options

3D printing for rubber-based product design

The Elastico family of photopolymer materials is designed to support design and rapid prototyping across a range of applications. Accurately simulating the feel, flexibility and range of movement of rubber, Elastico allows you to test your design without investing in or outsourcing to standard rubber production facilities.

Saving time and money for your research or design projects, Elastico is available in both clear (FLX934) and black (FLX984) and has a Shore A value of 45-50. This makes it ideal for many designs – from all-rubber products to integrated rubber surrounds, overmoulds, coatings, wearables, grips and seals.

Full rubber-like properties

With an elongation at break of 360%-400%, and tensile strength of 3 – 5 MPa (435 -725 psi), Elastico isn’t just about mirroring the look and texture of rubber; it also gives you the ability to test your product design to the limit.

Bending, flexing, stretching and twisting are all part of the Elastico experience. So, you can subject your prototype to the full range of tests, helping you to refine your design quickly and affordably before moving into production. That’s why it is particularly in demand for sports footwear and equipment, tooling designs and mixed-material projects.

Why choose Elastico?

3D printing with Elastico helps to speed up your design and test process, allowing for faster and more affordable prototyping and an easy way to iterate when your design needs refining. This reduces your overall cost and time to market and helps you keep material waste to a minimum.

Elastico is an innovative and cost-effective material that allows you to replicate the rubber element of your finished design. Fully compatible with the leading Stratasys J55 Prime and Stratasys J35 Pro 3D printers, it helps you to drive your project forward with shorter timeframes and reduced costs.

Case study

Taga is a manufacturing engineering company that wanted to speed up the time it took to test its models. With a Stratasys J35 Pro and multi-material printing, it was able to produce several models of a drone it was testing, each of which featured a rotor with varying levels of rigidity. This saved a huge number of work hours.

Yaniv Adir, project manager at Taga says: “This printer has allowed us to revolutionize the way in which we do business. By creating functional and realistic models in house, decision makers receive something they can hold in their hands, move and articulate – leading to quicker and smarter decision making.”

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Compatible printers

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  • Stratasys J35 Pro
  • Stratasys J55 Prime