Nylon6 jig

Nylon 6 3D Printing Material

3D printing for durable parts that last

Nylon 6 is a production-grade material designed for use in Fortus 3D printers. Outperforming comparable FDM Thermoplastics in both strength and toughness, making it perfectly suited to the creation of high performance, end-use parts.

Designed for use with the next-generation Stratsys Fortus 900mc, Nylon 6 has been created for product engineers producing test parts with a need to confirm fit, durability and performance, as well as manufacturers and service bureaux building short-run final-use parts. It is compatible with Stratasys SR-110 support material.

Nylon 6 reliably produces durable models for use in the engineering, automotive and aerospace industries, and the results are both robust and long-lasting. They have a clean finish and high break resistance.

Key benefits include:

  • Results accurately predict a final part’s functional performance
  • Engineered for creating manufacturing tools for use in a production environment
  • Suitable for building jigs, fixtures, guards and other manufacturing aids
  • Rigid material guarantees tensile and mechanical strength
  • Reduces time and cost of tooling short-run, complex industrial parts

Accurate test parts

Nylon 6 provides the perfect combination of strength and rigidity to deliver parts that last. When used in a development environment, parts can be put through multiple testing cycles without breaking or degrading.

Nylon is already one of the most widely-used thermoplastics in traditional manufacturing. This latest innovation takes it further. Its thermal properties deflect heat up to 93 degrees Celsius (199 degrees Fahrenheit), and as well as withstanding high temperatures, it endures caustic chemicals, sterilization and high impact applications, all of which makes Nylon 6 a versatile and hard-wearing material.

Nylon 6 is currently only available for use on the Fortus 900 platform. It works natively with the recently-announced revision to the Fortus 900mc, and existing owners of earlier Fortus 900mc units can perform a software upgrade to add Nylon 6 support to their device.

Compatible printers

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  • Stratasys F900

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