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Vero Family

Welcome to the Vero Family

  • Multi-purpose polymers for 3D printing.
  • A range of both general and specialist materials.
  • Vibrant colour range for realistic, accurate prototyping.
  • Used in medical, dental, consumer and industrial sectors.

Fit, form and function

The Vero collection of multi-purpose polymers gives design teams the ability to produce completely accurate 3D prototypes. Using Vero materials reduces time to market, improves cost efficiencies and allows for full testing at prototype stage.

Rigid opaque Vero materials are available as:

  • Vero PureWhite (RGD837)
  • VeroGray (RGD850)
  • VeroBlackPlus (RGD875)
  • VeroWhitePlus (RGD835)
  • VeroYellow (RGD836)
  • VeroCyan (RGD843)
  • VeroMagenta (RGD851)
  • VeroMagentaV (RGD852)
  • VeroYellowV (RGD838)
  • VeroCyanV (RGD845)
  • VeroBlue (RGD840)

Vero materials are all things to all projects: the strength of the material means you can accurately reproduce the final product, seeing how the design will work practically as well as aesthetically. With a full range of vibrant colours, many available to use on Pantone-approved 3D printers, you can print realistic, sharp and contrasting colours.

The Vero family also includes a range of widely-acclaimed specialist materials:


Simulating acrylic, VeroClear is used for proof of concept and prototyping for clear component design, including lenses, glass and transparent parts of medical devices.


With a range of opaque colours that offer high colour accuracy, great contrast and clean colour separation, VeroUltra is widely used for 3D prototypes and proof of concept work in precision industries such as medical and automotive.


This transparent material is perfect for simulating glass, polymer and other clear materials. Able to replicate the effect of light on clear materials, VeroUltraClear can achieve up to 95% light transmission of the original material and a low yellow index.


VeroVivid is the gateway to precise colours and finishes for your design. With a vast range of colour options available, you can create 3D designs that accurately match your product colours, giving you a complete picture of how your product will look before you head into production.


Specially designed to simulate eyewear designs, VeroFlex gives you the range of material performance you need to achieve proof of concept. This material creates realistic prototypes that allow you to continuously update product lines and cement your market position.

Vero ContactClear

Fully biocompatible, Vero ContactClear helps designers and engineers to prototype key components, printing with a rigid, transparent material that is suitable for more than 30 days’ contact with intact skin. It is also compatible with mucus membrane contact for up to 24 hours.

Visit our Vero pages above to find out more about each area of our collection and to download individual spec sheets.

Compatible printers

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  • Objet30 Prime
  • Objet30 Pro
  • Stratasys J4100
  • Stratasys J35 Pro
  • Stratasys J55 Prime
  • Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy
  • Stratasys J826 Prime
  • Stratasys J850 Prime
  • Stratasys J850 Pro

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