Stratasys Tango Plus Hematoma Macro


You can’t tell the difference

  • An extremely realistic rubber-like material.
  • Simulates non-slip surfaces.
  • Ideal for shock absorption testing.
  • Blends with other Polyjet Photopolymer

From concept to function

The Tango collection of materials delivers highly realistic models that can be used to build concepts and produce functional prototypes. Highly flexible, able to reproduce textures and with a range of Shore A values to simulate many rubber-like properties, Tango materials are transforming the way that product designers work.

Tango materials are available in:

  • Tango Grey (FLX950)
  • Tango Black (FLX973)
  • Tango Plus (FLX930)
  • Tango Black Plus (FLX980)

Grips, gaskets and gumboots

Whatever your product, if it has a rubber component, Tango can help you build a working, accurate prototype. Easily adaptable to a range of requirements, including shock absorption, flexing and bending, non-slip properties or vibration and noise dampening, using Tango gives you complete control over the design process, from initial concept through to realistic working prototypes.

Used across a range of industries from automotive to footwear, Tango is an exceptional material that delivers all the qualities you look for from your rubber components. Tango works with the Stratasys Objet and J range of printers and can be used with other Polyjet Photopolymers to create complex designs.

Realistic modelling

Tango materials are increasingly used in medical research and training applications, where they are used to replicate areas of the human body accurately. These models give surgical teams a clear and cost-effective way to reproduce clinical conditions, helping them to understand the benefits of investigation and treatment, including reducing clinical risks.

It is the flexibility offered by state-of-the-art 3D printing that is making a difference to research institutions and commercial product development around the world. With more accurate and usable models, faster prototyping or modelling times and reduced costs, 3D printing is being used innovatively to improve design, manufacturing and research.

Compatible printers

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  • Objet30 Prime
  • Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy

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