Vero Vivid Water Bottle


The possibilities are endless

  • Print in over 500,000 colours
  • Use with other Polyjet materials for finishes and packaging
  • See real designs in the final colours
  • Simulate precise product finishes

Welcome to a world of colour

Transforming the way you prototype designs, VeroVivid is the gateway to precise colours and finishes for your printed parts. With a vast range of colours available, you can create 3D printed parts that accurately match your product colours, giving a complete picture of how your product will look before you head into production.

Normally one of the most expensive parts of any new design project, prototyping is essential to moving your project on. Using a Polyjet 3D printer and its sophisticated printing materials, you can produce your prototypes in house, in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. VeroVivid is your gateway to faster, cheaper proof of concept.

The success of the VeroVivid colour palette is based on three key colours:

  • VeroCyanV (RGD845)
  • VeroMagentaV (RGD852)
  • VeroYellowV (RGD838)

This part of the Vero Family comes with all the same great properties as the other materials in the collection, but adds a vibrancy of colour and a translucence that enables designers to match colours and tones precisely for accurate prototyping.

Certified by Pantone

Accurate colour representation has always been an issue for product designers. But with the latest Stratasys J55 Prime, J826 Prime, J850 Prime and J750 DAP machines, this problem disappears. That is because these printers are certified by Pantone, using the Pantone Matching System to make sure that the colour you want is the colour that’s printed.

Using VeroVivid on these printers gives you access to the full range of colour tones, increasing your design control and improving your prototyping. Plus, its ability to be used alongside other members of the Vero family means you can create completely accurate prototypes at any time. This game-changing material offers:

  • Simulated finishes including wood, leather and stone
  • Realistic colours and finishes for medical and dental models
  • Precision colour
  • Accurate, multi-colour printing

Compatible printers

Click the button below for full compatibility info.

  • Stratasys J55 Prime
  • Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy
  • Stratasys J826 Prime
  • Stratasys J850 Prime

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