Stratasys High Temperature

High Temperature

High temperature engineering

  • Simulates engineering plastics.
  • Material with the highest heat deflection.
  • Can be combined with Polyjet rubber materials.
  • Ideal for static part testing.

3D printed thermal testing

High Temperature (RGD525) is Polyjet’s leading heat deflection material. No other standalone material provides the same levels of heat resistance – up to 80°C after thermal treatment – and that makes it ideal for engineering plastic prototyping and test.

High Temp is used for a range of product testing, including hot air and hot water flow elements in pipes and taps, and components for household appliances. The material accurately simulates both thermal performance and strength, allowing designers to precisely replicate and test new or modified designs with confidence.

Able to simulate surface quality as well as temperature performance, High Temp can also be used in conjunction with Polyjet’s rubber materials to prototype more complex or multi-part components. This gives product designers and managers complete flexibility over the process, from concept to accurate prototyping that can handle extensive testing. This is important, because many complex designs need multiple prototypes. Having the ability to re-print quickly and cost-effectively can make a real difference to a development project.

Case study

For consumer products, good design must be a blend of form and function. For example, Thermos K.K. needs to be sure that its products get to market ahead of the competition and are quickly adopted by customers who are easily swayed by products that look, feel or perform better.

So fast prototyping is a critical part of the Thermos development process and, at its research and development facility, all prototyping is done in-house to save time, reduce costs and deliver a better product for customers.

“All you have to do is send the STL data to the [Polyjet] printer and press the start button. Even a young engineer with little experience can make prototypes without a thick user’s manual.” Shin Matsuyama, manager of R&D at Thermos K.K

Compatible printers

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  • Objet30 Prime
  • Objet30 Pro

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