Veroflex Glasses


All eyes on VeroFlex

  • A specialist material for eyewear design.
  • Simulates both rigidity and flexibility.
  • Wide range of colours available.
  • Withstands rigorous testing.

Better optics for your project

VeroFlex has been specifically designed to simulate eyewear designs. Giving you the range of material performance you need to achieve proof of concept, VeroFlex creates realistic prototypes that allow you to continuously update product lines and cement your market position.

In a fast-moving, fashion-led world, glasses frames need to both look good and be extremely robust. They withstand a lot of day-to-day use, and customers expect them to last the distance. Today, many glasses frames are made from lightweight materials so they sit comfortably on the face. They also need to be manufactured in a range of colours and designs – many of which follow fashion trends. So eyewear manufacturers are constantly thinking about and prototyping next season’s frames. That’s where VeroFlex can save time and money.

VeroFlex is available in:

  • VeroFlex Cyan (RGD891)
  • VeroFlex Magenta (RGD892)
  • VeroFlex Yellow (RGD893)
  • VeroFlex White (RGD894)
  • VeroFlex Black (RGD895)
  • VeroFlex Clear (RGD896)
  • VeroFlexVivid Cyan (RGD898)
  • VeroFlexVivid Magenta (RGD899)
  • VeroFlexVivid Yellow (RGD890)

Reduce time to market

Using VeroFlex helps to significantly reduce the time to market for new eyewear styles. In-house 3D printing gives you complete control of the whole process, with no need to send your designs to a third party for time-consuming and expensive product samples. Instead, you can print your styles in realistic materials, colours and accuracy, allowing you to move straight to the test and re-design phase of the project.

VeroFlex is a rigid photopolymer, which means it gives you the best of both worlds – rigidity for the areas that hold lenses, for example, and flexibility for arms and nose pieces, so you can perfectly assess strength and comfort.

You get a prototype that can withstand the full testing process, giving you a complete picture of your design styles and reducing time to market. Estimates are that using VeroFlex can reduce turnaround time from design to market to as little as 8 weeks.

Compatible printers

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  • Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy