What is the difference between FDM and Polyjet 3D printing technology?

Whether you are buying your first 3D printer or upgrading from one you have been running for years, it's important to understand the differences between the two leading printing technologies. Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) and Polyjet each build 3D...

NEWS: 19.03.2018

Meet Ben Rowberry, Applications Technician, 3D Printing Bureau

Ben started work at Laser Lines just four months ago, making him the most recent member to join our 3D Printing Bureau team. Unlike...

NEWS: 12.03.2018

Desktop Metal’s Vice President of Product Larry Lyons on its mission to transform metal 3D printing

Desktop Metal’s 3D printing solutions are designed to change the way the world manufactures metal parts. The

NEWS: 05.03.2018

How do I quantify my Return On Investment in a 3D scanner?

By Laser Lines’ 3D scanning product specialist Peter Smith You can buy a consumer 3D scanner for £600 or spend up to 6 figures on an...

NEWS: 19.02.2018

How 3D printing is accelerating car design and development

Additive technology has revolutionised car design. The decades-old process of modelling a full body in clay, for wind tunnel tests and approval, is...

NEWS: 12.02.2018

3D printing keeps a high-tech British success story on track

Few industries have embraced 3D printing as wholeheartedly as car manufacturing.

NEWS: 02.02.2018

Laser Lines to exhibit the Studio Printer from Desktop Metal at Southern Manufacturing

Following on from the hugely successful UK launch at TCT last year, Laser...

NEWS: 26.01.2018

Why a 3D scanner is essential for reverse engineering

By Laser Lines’ 3D scanning product specialist Peter Smith Most manufacturing these days starts with 3D CAD drawings. That can be a...

NEWS: 18.01.2018

Why Polyjet is perfect for rapid prototyping

By Richard Hoy, Laser Lines’ in-house applications expert for 3D printing Before

NEWS: 11.01.2018

Save scanning time and improve accuracy with Toolkit Box from Evatronix

With any 3D scanning process, we can only capture data from surfaces of a part that the scanner can illuminate with its projector and “see” with...

NEWS: 04.01.2018

Get 10% off your next 3D printer with Laser Lines’ trade-in scheme

Faster, more compact and increasingly versatile – the latest line of 3D printers is more...

NEWS: 18.12.2017

Meet Mark Haywood, 3D printing specialist for Scotland and the North of England

One of the most recent additions to the Laser Lines 3D printing team, Mark Haywood joined the business earlier this year, bringing with him 22...

NEWS: 16.11.2017

Laser Lines brings 3D printing to life with donation to local school

Staff and pupils at Hanwell Fields Community School will be experiencing their curriculum in a new dimension this term after Laser Lines gifted it a...





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