Winning awards for exceptional customer service

Laser Lines prides itself on offering industry-leading levels of service to its customers. Our engineers undergo a huge amount of certified training to make sure they are familiar with every Stratasys additive manufacturing machine. But what really makes the difference is our team.

Img 5508Every member has a good understanding of the technologies we sell. We listen to our customers’ needs and advise on the best way to get value from their machines. This has been recognised by Stratasys, as Laser Lines has won an award for customer service, recognising us as one of the most technically advanced and experienced teams.

Jayne Tyrtania, materials and contracts manager, says: “At Laser Lines, we make an exceptional effort to connect with customers. The more we know about their businesses, the better we can assist with queries, new materials and any updates. Many of our customers have been with us for years.

“We are growing as companies see the cost and time savings that come with additive manufacturing. They also know that if they have any queries, we will give them a no-nonsense answer based on our experience, which is now 30 years in 3D printing.”

Laser Lines has an extremely experienced and knowledgeable team of engineers, but Terry James, technical director at Laser Lines, thinks it is the company’s approach that sets it apart.

He says: “We do a lot of pre-sales work, speaking to customers to better understand their needs. When we sell a machine (which has one-year warranty), we will go in to install the machine, provide the customer with training and help set up. We then look after that machine for 12 months, but we are in constant contact with the customer, checking that it is working for them and that they understand the system’s capabilities.

“After approximately 10 months, we reach out to customers to see if they want a service contract with us. We have great uptake for this. Many of the customers think of us as an extension of their teams. Customers already have experience of how we work and that we really look after them. I am exceptionally proud of the work we do and the experience and customer care our team offers.”

If you would like to find out how Laser Lines can support your additive manufacturing journey, call us on 01295 672599 or by emailing [email protected].