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Makerbot Z18
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MakerBot Replicator Z18

MakerBot’s Replicator Z18 brings oversized printing to offices and workshops. It has the largest build envelope of any device in its class, extending to 45.7cm, a range of connection options, simple upgrades and integration with the MakerBot Desktop and Mobile applications. As one of the most advanced prosumer 3D printers currently available, it has Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB connections, which as well as being used to send printing data, simplify the process of updating its firmware and adding new features. It’s the ideal entry point for more ambitious workshop-based 3D printing.

Key Features

  • The largest build envelope available on any MakerBot device
  • Produced paper-thin layers thanks to its 100-micron print resolution
  • Uses 0.9kg material spools to extend print times between refreshes
  • Assisted levelling feature, built-in camera and LCD interface simplify the set-up process
  • An unrivalled choice of physical and wireless connection options
  • Print multiple objects in sequence while unattended
  • Bundled with MakerBot Desktop software.
  • Includes the MakerBot Smart Extruder+
  • Downloadable MakerBot Mobile software extends its features to Android and iOS smartphones

Accomplished performance

The Z18 produces surfaces that are smooth to touch and don’t need finishing once removed from the printer. Should it detect that the filament supply has run down, it automatically sends notifications to the MakerBot Desktop application or MakerBot Mobile for iOS and Android, so there’s no need to sit and watch it working.

Intuitive controls

MakerBot Desktop gives you complete control. It lets you pause or cancel a print, save images from the printer’s on-board camera, and download 3D objects directly from Thingiverse. The app supplements the colour LCD on the front of the printer, which walks you through common tasks like setting up the printer and installing filament.



    300 x 305 x 457mm


    493 x 565 x 861, 41kg


Nishuane Elementary

How MakerBot 3D printers helped introduce 7-year old schoolchildren to the wonders of additive manufacturing.


Replicator Z18 uses MakerBot PLA and Tough PLA. These spools are 0.9kg, so you can print without having to change it too frequently.

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