Vero material in two vivid colours extends the possibilities of design

Stratasys is giving users of its J750, Connex3 and new J735 systems the opportunity to produce parts using the most striking colours ever developed. Its recently-unveiled transparent vivid magenta and vivid yellow combine with existing opaque materials to boost red, yellow and orange tones, and deliver truly eye-catching results.

Together, they expand the colour gambit that Stratasys’ market-leading PolyJet printers can produce to more than 500,000, giving designers and developers complete creative freedom.

Technology that pays for itself

German auto-maker Audi is already putting the new vivid colours through their paces, producing prototype tail lights with incredible realism.

“This ability to produce transparent multi-colour prototypes that so closely mimic the final part, in a single print, might significantly reduce time and cost required for each design process,” says Reinhard Schiechel and Tim Spierling of the Audi Model Shop and 3D Printing Center. It’s shortened the designers’ development cycle, allowing them to refine new parts in less time for a quicker return on their investment.

Laser Lines’ sales director, Mark Tyrtania, is quick to point out that the new materials’ many uses go far beyond automotive manufacturing. “From point of sale displays, cosmetics and packaging to children’s toys and even designer eyewear, these new colours extend the flexibility of the PolyJet platform, pushing it into areas so far only imagined.”

Officially called VeroMagentaV and VeroYellowV, the materials work with the updated J750 and Connex3 series printers, as well as the newly-introduced J735, which pairs the J750’s advanced production capabilities with a more compact build chamber.

Part of the family

Yet, despite their unique tonal properties, the new materials have much in common with others in the range. Engineered for the production of functional parts, accurate prototypes, jigs, fixtures and tools, the complete Vero family has a tensile strength of between 60 and 70 MPa, and Scale D Shore Hardness.

“These new colours are an exciting addition to Stratasys’ extensive choice of materials,” says Tyrtania. “We are already testing them onsite, and we’re looking forward to showing them to our customers.”

To find out more about the possibilities of VeroMagentaV and VeroYellowV – or to order a demonstration part – call Laser Lines today on 01295 672599 or email [email protected]