Get 10% off your next 3D printer with Laser Lines’ trade-in scheme

Faster, more compact and increasingly versatile – the latest line of 3D printers is more advanced in every way than anything you could have bought five or six years ago. Compatible with a wider range of materials, and with flexible multi-user set-ups, they are attracting an increasing number of users who want to upgrade.

Many of Laser Lines’ customers are taking advantage of our generous trade-in scheme, which pairs a responsible way to dispose of their hardware with a discount of up to 10%.

“We see two kinds of customers trading in,” says Daniel Curtis, from Laser Lines’ Design Engineering Group. “There are our industrial customers, trading in a machine that has reached the end of its useful life. They’re looking for a newer model – nowadays, probably something from Stratasys’ F123 range.

“The other kind of customers are the ones buying MakerBots, who use them to upgrade quickly to a more advanced Stratasys machine.”

Laser Lines’ MakerBot Trade-in and Keep Scheme gives discounts of up to 10% on production-grade Stratasys printers, and lets customers hang on to their MakerBots, too. “It’s a great way for customers to get their hands on an inexpensive, entry-level proofing machine,” Curtis says.

Responsible disposal

Laser Lines is careful with anything that is traded in. It returns some Stratasys models to the manufacturer, and responsibly recycles others in-house, often by disassembling them for spare parts.

“Within reason, we’ll take any machine, in any condition, from any user, regardless of manufacturer. They mostly have a residual value if processed properly, but is very difficult for our customers to recover that value themselves. We do it for them, and pass on the benefit as a discount against a newer printer.”

The only machines on which Laser Lines can’t offer discounts are the cheapest in its range: the Stratasys F170, Objet30, and any MakerBot. As Curtis explains, though, that’s rarely an issue. “Most of our clients are looking to trade in and upgrade mid-range machines, which is where the scheme delivers best value.”

Timely trade-ins

Every 3D printer ultimately has a lifecycle, after which it is sometimes not possible to buy a support contract. Laser Lines subsequently supports these on a case-by-case basis, but for many customers, the contract is key. That’s one of the reasons they look to trade in once it’s expired.

“We have just sent out a mailer to our HP DesignJet and uPrint users (NOTE: does not include the SE and SE Plus models) to warn them that they will no longer be able to renew their contracts from March 2018,” Curtis says. “We like to give them plenty of time to plan for the future, whether that involves an upgrade, or paying for support on an ad-hoc basis.”

In either instance, Laser Lines can offer advice, and Curtis urges anyone using either machine – whether an existing customer or not – to get in touch.

“We can chat about their requirements, what has appeared on the market since they bought the machine they want to trade in, and what kind of deal we can offer. They might be surprised how much they can save.”

If you’re ready to upgrade, call Laser Lines’ product specialists 01295 672599, or email [email protected] to see what kind of deal we can give you on the latest Stratasys machines.