Meet Garth Stevenson, SAF specialist at Laser Lines

Real life experience and a renewed passion for creative thinking helps Garth explain opportunities and applications to customers – faster and simpler.

I used to work for a German manufacturer of polymer and metal powder-based 3D printers, but knew Laser Lines and had met most of the team at trade shows and other events. A recruiter got in contact with me and told me that Laser Lines was looking for someone to join its growing team and, as I knew them to be an excellent company, I got in touch.

What first attracted you to Laser Lines?

Stratasys had purchased Xaar, bringing powder technology into Laser Lines’ portfolio, and I knew I’d be able to share my experience. And I love using it. But to be honest, working with Laser Lines has been an eye opener. I went from working almost on autopilot into an exciting new situation, where it is like someone has turned the lights on.

So many markets, so many situations and ideas. I had been used to working with large companies. I had no idea that there were so many small to medium enterprises using SAF 3D additive manufacturing. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, there’s a whole new world out there doing amazing things!

What constitutes a good day at work?

Dealing with our customers is what makes a good day. It is quite different from my previous role as I am now much more hands-on with customers and seeing their 3D printing challenges, technologies and results.

The fact that I am continually learning is brilliant and being able to introduce a new type of technology to companies who can see the possibilities really gives me a buzz.

If you’d like to discuss your project with Garth or ask some more questions about SAF technology, email [email protected] or call 01295 672599.