Formula Student – Somos® PerFORM Tooling and Composite Layup

Case study of use of Stratasys   NEO - Written by Maria Rubia, OBR19

Students Formula

Brunel students enjoy design freedom with a new central additive manufacturing centre

Cutting-edge engineering and Brunel University are synonymous. Named after one of the greatest figures of the industrial revolution, the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the university has been at the forefront of technological education since it was awarded...

The AMRC is ‘ahead of the game’ with additive manufacturing and Laser Lines

The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) is a network of world-leading research and innovation centres that work with manufacturing companies of any size around the globe. It specialises in carrying out cutting-edge, practical...

Nishuane Elementary

How MakerBot 3D printers helped introduce 7-year old schoolchildren to the wonders of additive manufacturing.


The Dimension 3D Printer at the school has not only proved popular in the classroom and changed the learning dynamic of the students, but has also encouraged them to pursue engineering careers after leaving the school.


Dimension 3D Printer enabled engineering students to quickly identify attention to detail deficits as soon as their model was printed. Traditional methods to produce the part would have taken up many teaching hours whereas the 3D Printer worked overnight.

Bishop Reding

The Dimension 3D Printer has taught students how to design, build, code and test their models in response to solving engineering problems. It brings together hands-on practice of using both the software and hardware and encourages creativity.

Cornell University

Owning the world’s largest collection of Franz Reueaux kinematic machines, Cornell University have replicated the models from digital files using their Dimension 3D Printer. Students can now have physical interaction with the fully functional models and...

Lake Zurich

Being able to print their designs required students to work through any issues which previously could be passed over as a computer model. Gauging the effect of curves, light, lines and other subtle elements now became possible with a physical model in their...

Royal Military College

Students can be 3d printing a ship’s hull on a Dimension 3D Printer one week and an MP3 player holder the next. RMC’s Engineering Graphics course utilises the latest 3d printing technology to enable their students to evaluate their output as they seek to...

1212 Studio

Proof of Concept was needed for both an innovative illumination feature and a swinging microphone within 4 weeks for a U2 tour. Stratasys' Dimension system provided exactly the right results - on time.

University of California San Francisco

A uPrint 3D printer was the perfect solution for a Californian university when it needed a machine to fit on a desktop to replace lab parts.