SAF Parts PA11

High Yield PA11

Predictable, repeatable results, time after time

  • Produce parts at scale, on site, with precision guaranteed
  • Move beyond prototyping, with additive manufacturing of end-use parts for sale or immediate use
  • Results are strong, durable and impact resistant, yet benefit from crisp edges, fine detail and a smooth finish

Consistency at lower cost

PA11 is a high yield, engineering grade polymer which has been formulated exclusively for use with Stratasys’ H350 production-scale additive manufacturing printer. Together, PA11 and the H350 allow enterprises and bureaus to manufacture end-use parts and consumer products on site. With accuracy guaranteed, results conform to demanding tolerances for predictable, repeatable production on every run, whatever the volume.

Delivered in powder form, unfused PA11 material can be recovered at the end of a production run and combined with virgin material for re-use on future jobs. Subsequent manufacturing runs can use as much as 70% recovered material, when supplemented with 30% virgin material, to minimise waste and maximise savings. In addition, the non-consumable industrial Piezo print heads and single HAF fluid give a highly competitive cost per part.  

PA11 is a more environmentally responsible choice, being 100% derived from natural castor oil, which means organisations that employ it can include additive manufacturing targets within their stated CSR objectives.

Build parts that last, on-site

PA11 can be used to build load bearing, shatterproof parts that are able to withstand impact and demanding environments in long-term use. End products are smooth at the point of being removed from the machine, which reduces the need for post processing and shortens overall job completion time.

PA11 allows for nesting at up to twice the density of comparable system configurations, so bureaus and in-house production teams can produce more parts within a given dimension and timeframe, while never compromising on quality.

PA11 in use

Otinghem-based Goetz Maschinenbau has been using PA11 to produce on demand parts during the H350 printer’s advanced beta phase. The German service bureau is using it in the creation of automotive components and consumer goods, as well as producing parts for its customers in biomedical fields. When the Ever Given container ship became wedged in the Suez Canal, delaying delivery of casings to a mechanical engineering company, Goetz Maschinenbau was able to step in.

It used PA11 to produce equivalent parts that conformed to the fine tolerances and demanding requirements of its client, which was able to deliver to its customers on time.

Compatible printers

  • Stratasys H350

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