A deep dive into VaporFuse surfacing

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3D printed aerospace parts: bringing behind the scenes parts into the spotlight

This white paper presents the findings from a DyeMansion and Stratasys Direct Manufacturing study, shedding light on how vapor smoothing processes can significantly impact the surface finish, sealing capabilities and mechanical properties of 3D printed aerospace parts.

DyeMansion’s VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS) uses a non-CMR solvent known as VF47 Eco Fluid, which is managed within a closed loop process flow. This safeguards operators from solvent exposure and permits continuous vapor collection for re-use.

Additionally, VFS allows for custom program development to tune for specific surface needs and offers three pre-programmed smoothing levels for standard materials: light, balanced, strong. The VFS used on the Powerfuse S is configurable in an automatic loading mode which allows for 24/7 operation.

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Deep Dive into VaporFuse Surfacing
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