GKN Aerospace enhances tooling capabilities

“The F900 3D Printer offers us the enhanced geometric freedom to create previously unthought of 3D printed tools, which then enable us to manufacture extremely complex parts that would be uneconomical or just physically impossible to create by any other...

FDM Bureau Builds 3D Printed Parts for Recreational Aviation

Recreational aeroplane manufacturer ICON is working on their products becoming as popular as motorcycles & powerboats. ICON have used a FDM service bureau to not only save time & money but design end use parts for their latest A5 aircraft taking...

Gas Turbine Research Establishment

FDM technology provided the ideal solution for GTRE because the supports and interior of hollow components could be easily dissolved in a water-based solution. This allowed them to create the geometry they needed.


ACS produce majority of their layup tools, drill fixtures and consumable core patterns using FDM machine.

Bell Helicopter

When the Osprey aircraft recently underwent an experimental tail-wiring upgrade, technicians at the rapid prototyping lab at Bell Xworx used a Fortus FDM (fused deposition modeling) system to build tough polycarbonate wiring conduits.

Connecticut Corsair

Twenty years of passion for aviation led Craig McBurney to the F4U-4 Corsair with the hopes of restoring the World War II aircraft to flying condition. The Corsair was the only fighting WWII plane designed and built in Connecticut by one...

DST Control

Swedish company DST Control, who delivers advanced embedded electro-mechanical products, has learned the benefits of direct digital manufacturing of production tools, such as jigs and fixtures.


czech Aircraft Company Evektor, saves up to 80% of prototyping and production costs using Fortus

Select Tech Geospatial

Engineers at SelectTech Geospatial were the first to 3D print an UAV to successfully take off and land on its own gear.