Large-scale 3D printing applications for the heavy equipment industry

Large Scale 3d Printing Applications For The Heavy Equipment Industry

Processes like machining, moulding and casting have proven to be reliable ways of making things. But they also come with inherent drawbacks. Making prototypes, tools and production parts with these methods is usually associated with significant costs and lengthy lead times.

The need for skilled labour and the reliance on long, conventional supply chains make them vulnerable to labour shortages and other disruptions that drive cost and add delays.

In contrast, additive manufacturing (AM) using FDM technology offers a faster and less costly alternative to these traditional manufacturing practices. In addition:

  • Prototyping with FDM allows manufacturers to iterate more often to arrive at a better design.
  • 3D printed tooling can be created and deployed faster and for less cost than heavier metal tools.
  • Out-of-production and customised parts can be produced cost-effectively due to the tool-less nature of additive manufacturing.

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  • Relevant AM applications for manufacturing heavy equipment.
  • The challenges associated with printing large parts.
  • How to meet those challenges to provide successful large-scale printing.

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3D printing applications for the heavy equipment industry
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