Xact Metal

Xact Metal is revolutionising the metal 3D printing industry. Formed in 2017 by an industry stalwart and a mechanical engineering wizard, the company makes metal additive manufacturing machines that can produce high-quality metal parts for a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Operating out of a high-tech campus in world-renowned Penn State University in the USA, Xact Metal’s work is at the heart of the technological and engineering changes that are altering so many aspects of our lives.

Xact Metal beginnings

Its story began when co-founder Matt Woods was working on an idea he had at Penn State University for a metal machine that could print several metal materials at the same time. Having just come from Elon Musk’s Space X, he was used to dealing with significant engineering challenges in a short period of time. Matt was not able to play with the University’s hugely expensive existing machines to prove the concept, so he had to build a prototype with a tiny budget.

After enlisting the help of friends and fellow students, and with the support of the University, he realised that it was possible to build a metal machine for significantly less than other 3D printers, but without sacrificing quality. It was building this prototype that made everyone involved realise that there was a bigger market to serve.

Matt joined forces with seasoned ex-GE executive and engineer, Juan Mario Gomez, who is now Xact Metal’s CEO. As Juan Mario told us: “The number one problem in the industry was not the performance of the existing metal printers, it was the price.

“Everybody had been putting more lasers into their machines, but that had only been making the machines more expensive – millions of dollars in some cases. But if we could get the affordability of metal printers right, we could serve a large segment of the market whose needs hadn’t been met.”

Xact Metal Core system

What Matt had discovered was the beginnings of what became the Xact Core gantry system, the secret to Xact Metal’s success. Instead of using complex Galvo scanners and F-theta lenses as more expensive machines do, the Xact Core system uses a fast gantry to direct the laser by moving simple mirrors above the powder bed on an X-Y axis.

This is the technology that sits inside the Xact Metal XM200C. A powder bed fusion model with a build volume of 127 x 127 x 127mm, it is perfect for SMEs that are looking for an excellent value machine that can make parts in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional machining or casting technologies.

Xact Metal also makes the Xact Metal XM200S, which can print the same quality parts as the XM200C, but even faster.

One of the things that marks Xact Metal out from its competitors is its fast delivery time – just two months from order to delivery. That is only achievable as all machines are built, in-house. That also ensures that the quality of its machines very high, as its engineering team sits right next to the production line. If there are any problems, the engineering team are there to brainstorm and rectify right away.

Xact Metal UK distributor

Laser Lines is the exclusive partner for Xact Metal in the UK and Ireland. Juan Mario told us:

“We couldn’t be luckier to have Laser Lines as a partner. We need to be available to customers in Britain with a British company that understands the UK market. We need salespeople that are technical and entirely independent from us.

“Just as important is that we have exceptional support provided locally by people who know what they are doing, who are close to our customers and are available during UK hours. Laser Lines is the top reseller of 3D printers in the UK. Not only can it sell our machines to customers in the right way, it can service the machines and respond to any support enquiries without waiting for the US office to wake up.”

If you have been thinking about saving time with metal additive manufacturing, but have been put off by the cost, give Laser Lines a call on 01295 672599 or email [email protected] and find out what the Xact Metal systems can do for you.


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