MakerBot is an American 3D printer manufacturer, responsible for creating over 6 generations of FDM 3D printers. Carrying 4 MakerBot 3D printers and MakerBot software, they are one of our major suppliers here at Laser Lines. Find out how MakerBot came into existence and became the market leaders they are today.

Where MakerBot Began

Founded in 2009 by Bre Pettis, Adam Mayer and Zach “Hoeken” Smith, MakerBot began life as an open-source 3D printer company. Bre pettis became inspired when he decided he wanted to 3D print shot glasses for Roboexotica; an event dedicated to the building of cocktail robots. Already part of a research group committed to developing a low cost 3D printer, he began his research. It was here that MakerBot was born. They offered ‘do it yourself’ kits, including source files, allowing anybody to build their own 3D printer at home. Kits began shipping in April 2009 and were met with huge demand.

The Growth of MakerBot

MakerBot experienced rapid growth since their inception, securing over $10million in investment in just 2 years. Today they are global leaders in desktop 3D printing, as one of the first companies to make 3D printing not only accessible to the general consumer but also affordable. As a company of frequent firsts, they redefined the 3D printing industry, drastically increasing what was possible.

2010: 2010 saw MakerBot bring their printers to the general consumer market. They exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES); the first and only 3D printer supplier to every exhibit at the CES. In more recent years, the CES now has a whole section dedicated to 3D printing, with a wide range of suppliers attending. MakerBot paved the way for accessible 3D printing.

2013: During the summer of 2013, Stratasys announced the acquisition of MakerBot. They were to continue working under their distinct brand name, as a subsidiary of Stratasys. This allowed them to pool resources, focusing on the desktop and consumer markets, whilst Stratasys focused elsewhere.

2014: Under Stratasys, MakerBot introduced the first Wi-Fi connected desktop 3D printer to the market.

Present: Since their inception, MakerBot have gone from strength to strength. They now offer 5 3D printers and a unique MakerBot software package. They now boast the largest install base of 3D printers globally and the largest 3D design community in the world; Thingiverse. It allows users to share and customise designs, as well as connect with other members of the design community.


Holding the belief that there is an innovator in everyone, MakerBot seeks to create products that are accessible to all levels of user. Renowned for their ease of use and high levels of reliability, we are proud to carry a wide range of MakerBot products.

MakerBot Replicator+

The MakerBot Replicator+ 3D printer is an entry level, desktop 3D printer, perfectly suited for offices and educational settings. The Replicator+ is 30% faster than the previous model, has a larger build volume and is noticeably quieter. It features MakerBot’s grip surface which allows the object to be held steady during printing but can be bent for easy removal. The smart extruder reduces clogs and jams whilst improving connection for a smoother finish and printing experience. With an on-board camera, prints can be monitored remotely and changes made using the MakerBot Print software, available on desktop or via the mobile app.

MakerBot Sketch Classroom

For teachers that want to improve their students’ STEM skills, the MakerBot Sketch Classroom is a complete solution to get your class started in the world of 3D printing. The Sketch Classroom comes with everything you need to get going, including two machines, lots of material, over 600 lesson plans and training for teachers who may not be familiar with 3D printers. This package is easy to use and easy to teach – your class will be budding engineers before you know it. These small machines feature a particulate filter and an enclosed chamber, making them completely safe to use in the classroom. A built-in camera helps you monitor the builds as they happen, making it easier to help students control project time..

MakerBot Method

The MakerBot Method 3D printer brings end use production and desktop prototyping together, at an affordable price. Offering the speed and accuracy of an industrial 3D printer in desktop format, the Method is the ideal choice for those requiring high quality models but are low on space. It features a circulating heated chamber, rigid metal frame and dual performance extruders. Compatible with a wide range of software packages, the Method is super easy to use and will not require an on-site technician. Including the MakerBot Print software and MakerBot Mobile, prints can be both monitored and controlled remotely. It is the most advanced desktop 3D printer available, compatible with 25 different types of CAD file. The MakerBot halves the time it takes to create parts on competing models; this rapid design cycle reduces user costs, allowing more parts to be produced in a shorter space of time.

MakerBot Method X

Built on the back of the success of the Method printer, the MakerBot Method X 3D printer combines the best elements of the Method, with improved performance through various new features. It is the ideal option for engineers seeking to create end use parts, tools and prototypes. Utilising Stratasys technology, the Method X has a 100°C temperature controlled build chamber, allowing the quality of parts to be greatly increased. Finished parts have a dimensional accuracy or +/-0.2mm and can be completed in half the time as leading competitors. As with the Method, the Method X printer is compatible with 25 different types of CAD file and utilises Wi-Fi connectivity and a touchscreen display for ease of use.

MakerBot Print

MakerBot print is a software package designed to be used with MakerBot 3D printers. Ideal for semi-professional use, it contains features to monitor and manage print jobs. The software not only speeds up the print process but identifies areas in which less filament can be used, thus saving you materials and money. It allows end to end management of workflow from the importing of files/downloading of files from our online design community (Thingiverse) to creation. Prints can be controlled both locally and remotely, monitored using integrated cameras. The Print software package features ‘automatic arrangement’ optimising the position of multiple parts on a single print bed in order to reduce the need for multiple prints.

It is because of the innovative nature of MakerBot that we are proud to offer the range of MakerBot printers and the MakerBot Print software package. With a focus on bringing industrial printing to the semi-professional and consumer markets, their product range boasts reduced size and increased performance. For more information, explore the full range of MakerBot products.


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